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twiddly May 1, 2012

Hi, I am applying for a permit and am supposed to fill out enrollment forms this month in order to secure a place in a new bilingual education program.

Meanwhile I will wait for one more month to hear about another LAUSD program, an SAS program, to which I've applied.

My question is, once I have "enrolled" in one program does my son still qualify to enroll in the other one instead, in the event he gets in?

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sdbuena May 1, 2012


Where do you get the application for a permit? I am moving to the LA County this summer and I don't know where to start. I was told I need to apply at our Neighborhood school but I would like to have options for my son. One last thing, is the application we receive from a specific school just for that your applying to or is it a universal application that can be used at another school?


MagnetMom May 1, 2012

Hi sdbuena,

SAS permits, Schools for Advanced Studies, are available here: These are for families that currently live in LAUSD and have been identified as gifted.

Open enrollment permits, which allow a student to attend a school that has space anywhere in the district, will be available sometime this month.

Otherwise, you will be expected to attend your neighborhood school.

Twiddly, It's very common to have to accept one spot until another application gets accepted. Check with each school for their policy on what 'acceptance' means. And as soon as you hear from the second school make a decision and release the other spot.

Good luck!


sdbuena May 2, 2012

Thank you Magnetmom. One last question, for the open enrollment, is that one application that will allow me to list the different schools I would like to apply for? Or would I have to apply to those individual schools? Sorry, I'm new to all this.


MagnetMom May 2, 2012

Each school will have its individual application.

Good luck!

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