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Accelerate one grade


ncsupack May 7, 2012

Does any one have experience in LAUSD with having their child skip a grade level in elementary school and how it is accomplished? My child is currently in a 1st/2nd (she is in 1st) grade split class and I think she would benefit going into 3rd next year.

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MagnetMom May 8, 2012

A similar scenario happened at my daughter's school. A student was placed in a 1/2 split as the only first grader. He essentially learned second grade material all year long. At the end of the year, he moved up with the class to third grade.

Contact your child's teacher to understand how many students are in the split, and how the class is taught. Then set up a meeting with the principal and discuss your interest in moving your child up.

Classes for next year are being formed now, so it is a good time to have this discussion.

Good luck.

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