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Community Magnet School (getting in)


karlakahler May 23, 2012

I *think* I understand the points system for magnet schools, but I'm wondering how many points people typcially need to get into kindergarden at Community Magnet School.

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MagnetMom December 5, 2014

It's not as simple as the school's ethnicity. Contact the magnet coordinator and ask which ratio they utilize. It will be either 60-40 or 70-30. And how many points typically a student of each ethnicity (white/minorty--they don't break it down more than that) requires to get in immediately. You might also want to know how far they go down the wait list.

Good luck,


user5747938 November 13, 2014

So if the school has a 78% Hispanic to 10% white ratio, which ethnicity would I choose to get in?


MagnetMom September 27, 2012

That would seem to be the case. But the place to get the official response would be the downtown magnet office.


karlakahler September 26, 2012

Thanks Magnet Mom. i actually called the 2 elementry schools left that were on a multitrack year (Del Olmo and Cahuega). Both said that they were told that they would be going single track in 2013. I'm thinking that those points will be gone.


MagnetMom September 26, 2012

If Community Magnet has kindergarten, it will be a smaller amount to get in for kinder and first grade, because kindergarteners can only accrue so many points.

There are still apparently a few schools considered overcrowded because they're still on a specific year round calendar. That's 4.

They could be slated to come from a predominantly Hispanic, Black, Asian or Other school (PHBAO) and that would be 4 points.

And some children will have an older sibling already attending. That will be another 3.

So 11 is the most a kinder could have. Reality is that so few schools have the overcrowded problem, that virtually no one gets those points, so 7 would be the highest. And if there are no siblings, the next highest point count would be 4. And the reality is that many schools in the area of Community Magnet aren't PHBAO. So it's conceivable that they get down to zero from the wait list.

Definitely go ahead and apply if your son is going into kinder--and have a back up plan.


karlakahler September 25, 2012

I spoek to someone who said it took kids 8-10 points (she must have meant 11) to get in. I think now there are only 0-7 points available so maybe you can get in with just 4???


mdorn05 May 29, 2012

My child got 4 wait list points right now and she is currently in grade 1. She is a biracial (Asian-White), but we applied as a minority. (not white)

We didn't apply at magnet for kinder though. She could not get in for 2011-12 (grade 1) and 2012-13 (grade 2), but her current elementary school is good too, so it is okay to be on wait list.


MagnetMom May 29, 2012

It depends on the school population. In many cases, being white helps. The district is something like 87% Hispanic. And the magnet ratios are either 40-60 white to minority or 30-70 white to minority. In some cases the admission point count is lower for white applicants.


karlakahler May 29, 2012

That's right. We're white. I'm thyinking this lowers are chances...


MagnetMom May 27, 2012

It will also depend on your son's ethnicity. There are usually different numbers needed for white and minority.

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