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nenaluvsisaac August 14, 2008

My kiddo attends a pre-school where they walk to the movie theatre. He reports on more than one occassion that the little kids can not eat popcorn but the bigger kids and teachers can. Just wondering, should I address this with the school staff or leave it alone. Wondering because he has brought to my attention twice and it seems to bother him that they are not "sharing". Thanks

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MSMomm August 14, 2008

It doesn't hurt to ask why the little kids can't have popcorn. Maybe no one wants to be responsible for holding the money and paying for the little kids' snacks?


healthy11 August 14, 2008

How much older can they be in preschool?? 4 versus 3??? I know there are guidelines on toys that say small parts might pose a choking hazard to children under age 3, so perhaps they're thinking popcorn is a problem for them? It wouldn't hurt to ask the next time they're scheduled to go to the theater, but phrase it in such a way as to not accuse..."Mrs. Teacher, I'm wondering if what I heard is accurate...are the older kids allowed to have popcorn?"


MagnetMom August 14, 2008

I'd definitely ask the folks at the school, but I suspect healthy's right. Here's a link that discusses the American Academy of Pediatric's suggestion that no children under 4 consume popcorn:

However that said, I'd think the proper way to handle this is to forgo popcorn entirely--for the kids AND for the teachers. The 3s are certainly NOT going to understand and the 4s can live without it for a movie.


FoxMom October 2, 2008

Yeah, bring it to their attention. They might be worried about choking but most little kids are OK with popcorn and even if they don't want to give them popcorn may be there is something else they can give them, it is never nice to eat infront of others and little kids don't understand and it just seems mean to them.


istherehope March 12, 2009

Its better that does not share there is a lot of germs in shareing sit him down and explain that to him

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