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High school recommendation on westside


westsidebusy July 11, 2012

I am trying to find an appropriate high school for my son who is entering 9th grade. We live in Brentwood and are wondering if anyone has any insight into University High or Pacific Palisades High or any schools in Santa Monica.

His interests lie in technology and business, and I'm especially curious about experience with this in relation to these schools...

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MagnetMom July 11, 2012

Hi westsidebusy,

I know families that think very highly of University and Palisades is always well regarded. Have you read the parent reviews and compared the schools online yet? It's here:

You might have to wait a bit to tour the schools as the offices are closed for a few weeks.

Good luck


nance7520 July 16, 2012

Hi although biased, as a teacher at University, I want you to know that our school is an excellent opportunity to participate in both Tech and business. We have one magnet; Digital Arts/Tech, and 4 small schools-Engineering, Business, Health and Environmental Sciences and it is a safe, nurturing atmosphere filled with dedicated staff and a diverse student body. Your son would be well cared for and challenged with honors and Advanced Placement classes. Depending upon your needs and your son, he may thrive with our excellent theater, animation, foreign languages and other departments. Check us out, don't scoff without giving the school a fair chance. good luck

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