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Buying a home in Ladera Heights


rajmasina July 23, 2012

Hi, my wife and I found a condo that we liked in the Ladera Heights area. The address of the property is 6909 Knowlton Pl, Los Angeles. The neighborhood has nice homes and good shopping places. However, we were not sure of the school district. The realty website says that it is Los Angeles Unified School district with Westchester Heights as elementary school, Wright as middle school and Westchester High school. However, wikipedia says that Ladera Heights is part of Inglewood school district. That bothers me a bit in terms of resale value. We don't have kids now but we plan to have them soon. Is it considered as a bad area for schools? What other options do we have? FYI, we are immigrants from India living in LA for 3 years now.

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MagnetMom July 25, 2012

This website, by LAUSD, will give you the school options:

LAUSD has options, in magnets, open enrollment, etc, that there will always be a market for quality homes regardless of the 'zoned schools.'

If you don't have kids, but are planning on it soon, first thing I'd do is pop into that elementary school and see what you can do to make it better before your future kids get there. There are tons of parent groups that recruit 'future parents of ___ school' in order to get where they want to be. They create diamonds from where others see lumpy coal. Whether you lend your expertise, volunteer on clean up day, or whatever you choose, supporting your neighborhood school benefits the school, the kids who go there, and your property values.

But thanks to the other options, you'll always have choices on where to send your kids.

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