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applying to westwood public schools for this Fall!


melaskary July 27, 2012

my friend is moving to the states from overseas, has a girl who ig supposed to start 3rd garde this fall, her husband will be attending UCLA, they just got their visas and are searching for public schools in Westwood, what are good schools? is it too late to apply? they still have not rented a place, would they be able to apply to westwood schools before they have an actuall address? where to start? thank you

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MagnetMom July 27, 2012

Hi melaskary,

Public schools don't have 'application periods', although if a school is actually overcrowded they could be sent to the next nearby school.

They'll need to settle on an area to live in, and then the school boundaries will dictate which school they go to. The school will need to see the child's birth certificate, her immunization record, and then some sort of utility bill or lease agreement. If they don't have the proof of residence, it's likely they can't enroll her.

Your friends might want to see if UCLA can help with the school paperwork. Schools here will start August 14th, and UCLA doesn't start until late September, so the sooner they move the better.

Good luck!


melaskary August 6, 2012

thank you :)

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