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LAUSD test score results


karlakahler August 23, 2012

Anyone know when LAUSD is going to release Spring 2012 test results? I'm curious to see how all the schools on my list are doing...

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MagnetMom August 24, 2012

Hi karlakahler,

It will be very late this month. There was a potential issue with the scores at one school, and they had to investigate the results (it had to do with a high school student possibly posting test questions).

Normally they come in mid-August. This summer it's supposed to be the absolute end of the month.

And while I'm curious about how the schools do, I have an 11-year-old who is absolutely checking the mail every single day waiting. :)


mdorn05 August 26, 2012

The breaches of security and the ensuing investigation will result in a delay of the reporting process by about two weeks. Districts will now receive STAR Student Reports by Aug. 22 and the public release of the statewide STAR results was moved back to Aug. 31. The delay also pushed back the Accountability Progress Reporting (APR) to early October.


MagnetMom August 27, 2012

It's interesting to note that there was no breach, once investigated. The boy who posted the test questions did not even attend LAUSD schools--he had previously attended one, and apparently didn't update his Facebook status. And in the meantime, we all wait.


karlakahler August 29, 2012

Ahh, thanks for the info. I guess I have to wait 2 more days. :)


MagnetMom August 30, 2012

Long Beach apparently got theirs last night, so maybe there will be a surprise in your mail box today. :)


mdorn05 September 5, 2012

Here is the response to my email that I got this morning from Academic Accountability Team.

My daughter is in 2nd grade, so she did not take the test last year. Is there a way to know the score before Oct 3?

Email message:

The current timeline to publically release the API and AYP (accountability reports) is October 3rd.



MagnetMom September 8, 2012

They're mailing out individual results, and we haven't gotten ours yet. They're using an outside mailing house, and according to the social media person on FB the results started mailing out in late August and will continue through mid-September.

And my daughter still waits.


mdorn05 September 8, 2012

Thanks, MagnetMom. my daughter's school just announced the raw API score, they said it is 930+and the final calculation will be just slightly different. I am shocked that the school got such a high score for open enrollment school.


MagnetMom September 8, 2012

There are certainly some phenomenal schools out there that have incredible APIs. Just because a school has open enrollment does not mean it would have lower scores. In fact, it's my experience that that higher the API is, the more desire there is for open enrollment by families who live just outside the borders as well as much farther away.

It's a shame when such schools only have five permit slots and hundreds of interested families.

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