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private schools


Fabby11 September 4, 2012

Hello, does anybody know if in private schools they're also applying the law of children that will turn 5 years old between November 2nd and December 2nd will lose a year of school.

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Fabby11 September 5, 2012

Thanks mdorn05 for your answer and information, it was really helpful. I'll go check that. Thanks MagnetMom to you too.


MagnetMom September 4, 2012

thanks, mdorn05,

I couldn't say it better myself. :)


mdorn05 September 4, 2012

Private school has a cut-off date different from public school. They told me their cut off date is Sept 2. My daughter's BD is in late November, so they told her to repeat the grade at their school. Some schools are strict on cut-off date, but some schools are not.

They also told me that after grade 2, there are no longer applied cut-off date rules. You will have to check with Director of Admission of the school directly.

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