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Olsat test grade 2


mdorn05 September 7, 2012

Is there a way to prepare for OLSAT test grade 2? Please recommend the books that you think it will be useful for Olsat test preparation. Thank you.

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MagnetMom September 8, 2012

I'm going to suggest the opposite, mdorn05. The Otis-Lennon test is given in second grade to define giftedness. If your child is gifted, the test points out whether your child would benefit for additional testing for highly gifted designations.

If your child isn't gifted, the last thing you want to do is coach them for a test where they will later struggle.

You can talk to your child's teacher and get reassurance that your child is likely to be identified, but aside from that, I've seen well-meaning families prep kids for tests. Then when the children are asked, or a child volunteers that they've studied for the test, the kids are NOT given the test, and they have to wait to be tested individually by the psychologist (which in this budget crisis could be forever).

See what the teacher suggests studying, but I'd be surprised if the teacher suggests any more than what the child is already doing in class and for homework.


mdorn05 September 21, 2012

It does not the matter now. I got an email from my child's school that for LAUSD will no longer be administering the OLSAT in spring 2013 because there is no money in the LAUSD budgets.

Here is the new criteria for 2nd grade screening.

Any 2nd graders who has scores of 95% in either math or English and an "advanced" CST score in both math and English are eligible for GATE this year


MagnetMom September 22, 2012

I willl attend a meeting in October with Education Service Center--North, and will ask questions then.

As some of this testing is not implemented until second grade, there must be another way to request gifted testing earlier.


mdorn05 September 24, 2012

Hi MagnetMom

If you attend z meeting, please ask them what is considered "advanced" CST score in both math and English? I need more specific scale.

Star test should be in April or May next year, so is this mean students won't know the CST score until Fall 2013?


MagnetMom October 3, 2012

The gifted coordinator at my daughter's elementary was not aware of the elimination of the testing for second graders this year. I'll ask at the district meeting on the 18th, but is there a chance your school went affiliated charter and chose to eliminate the testing?


mdorn05 October 3, 2012

Erin Yoshida and Cathy Estrada from the LAUSD GATE office came to my school last month to make a presentation. My daughter's teacher said we need two years of Advanced CST scores (450 ELA and 455 math) to qualify under just CST scores.


mdorn05 January 15, 2013

I have been told that GATE funding has been restored, so they will administer OLSAT test in March 2013. My daughter is applying at gifted magnet this year, hopefully we can get in.

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