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Choices Application for Magnets Live 10/8


MagnetMom October 7, 2012

Visit for information on the Magnet selection process or ask away here. I'll do my best to respond.

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MagnetMom November 6, 2012

What does the application say? I know my son's magnet was less than 15 minutes by car, and they wanted him out there at 6 am for an 8 am start. And there are fewer busses and longer drives now. Returning home is was over an hour after school got out. If you're looking at a school close to you, it will be similar, and no bus ride is longer than 90 minutes--but they can pick your child up earlier and drop them off earlier.

You could contact the school, tell them where you live, and ask to leave your info and see if they will have a parent from that area contact you.

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