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Choices Application for Magnets Live 10/8


MagnetMom October 7, 2012

Visit for information on the Magnet selection process or ask away here. I'll do my best to respond.

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MagnetMom October 8, 2012

Plenty of changes. Read the application carefully! :)


mdorn05 October 9, 2012

Hi MagnetMom

What is the benefit of being PI school? What is the difference of Option A Magnet only and Option B Magnet program + NCLB-PCBS.

If the child apply at gifted magnet by meeting critical thinking criteria (teacher's recommendation), is it mean they have to get another teacher to agree in next school year to be able to stay in GATE program?


MagnetMom October 10, 2012

PI is program improvement. It means one or more of the subgroups failed to make adequate progress. Sometimes it's a subgroup--perhaps ELL or Special Education, it's not always whole school. It's a negative for the school itself. But it means families have the option of being sent to another school in the area. The list of PI receiving schools is here:

Option A gives you the opportunity of applying to 1-3 magnet choices. Option B means you will apply to magnet and to a non-PI school, and you will get one choice or the other. It's not clear yet which one takes preference.

Check with the gifted coordinator at the school or at the district office. I honestly don't know.


DrVicki October 13, 2012

Can you explain how the points work? I have been dutifully collecting them and now am looking at a sixth grade Gifted magnet for my daughter.

What do they really do?


MagnetMom October 14, 2012

Points are the hardest thing to understand about the whole magnet system.

You'd conceivably be able to accumulate:

Four for over crowding.

Four for your neighborhood school being PHBAO.

Three for a sibling already there.

And twelve matriculation points and/or wait list points.

Reality says however, that there are only perhaps three schools in the district that are overcrowded out of the hundreds of schools in the district. The building program has essentially lowered the points required to get in.

The four PHBAO points would be based on the school where you live--not where you might have gone.

If you had a child already there, you'd know how this works.

If you're coming from another magnet or you've been wait listed three years you'd have up to 12 points.

Depending on the magnet you're interested in, you could apply and get in or be wait listed. Some magnets get through 8 points, others require more. If you contact the magnet coordinator at that school, they can often tell you what typically gets in.

Good luck!


mdorn05 October 19, 2012

Hi MagnetMom

-Can the student get 12 matriculation points if the magnet has grade 2-6? What if the student of that magnet want to switch school after finish grade 5?


MagnetMom October 19, 2012

Typically span schools require you attend until the end of the last year. Talk to the school because the sixth grade *might* be optional. But listen to what the coordinator says. I'm not aware of many 2-6 and worse, there are no 7-12, so getting in even with the full amount of points would be challenging.


mdorn05 October 22, 2012

The gifted magnet that I am interested said the matriculation points are only awarded after grade 6. My daughter is qualified to apply under critical thinking and problem solving criteria.

I have no idea if there is a way to get into good gifted or popular non-gifted magnet school at grade 7 with 12 points. Any idea?


MagnetMom October 22, 2012

Is there a nearby gifted magnet for middle school? Perhaps they allot some space for the kids coming from this magnet since they would have many of them coming in sixth (that doesn't mean SAVE...I wonder if they add an additional class).

For instance, SOCES is a 4-12 magnet. The first opportunity is obviously fourth grade, but they add an additional class at the sixth grade level since most magnet matriculators would be interested in coming in then.

If this elementary magnet is far from where you'd want her to go to middle, then that's going to be a bit iffier. You would have 12 points, plus possible PHBAO, but if no one moves or changes schools there won't be much room. That being said, it is common for some people to try a magnet out and leave the next year since it wasn't their cup of tea.

It's really based on how much you're willing to gamble. I personally wouldn't do it. I wouldn't be able to enjoy sixth grade, and I'd worry about the middle school transition a year later than the other kids.

Good luck.


mdorn05 November 5, 2012

Hi MagnetMom

Is there a way to find out about bus pick up/drop off hour at the assigned bus stop?

I called LAUSD transportation branch and told them the school name that we are interested to apply and the address of our closest bus stop, but they told me that they need the route number which we don't have.

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