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What preschool do you think is great in Mission Viejo? Why?


chrispix August 14, 2008

What preschool do you think is great in Mission Viejo? Why?

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Energy4ever August 30, 2008

there few good school in MV but I suggest to go to Laguna Niguel , Children choice preschool and McDowell elementary . Its a private one.
Its good all the way to 5th grade.
I will suggest for preK Carl Hankey pubblic k8 school


flowerymom October 30, 2009

My kids went to Childbridge Christian preschool. There are many good things about this school. The teachers are caring, creative and very well prepared. The school has a large backyard play area full of playhouses, ride toys and balls. The bathrooms are close to the classrooms that the teachers can easily monitor. They have appropriate curriculum for each age group. They do lots of read-aloud, very creative art & craft projects, lots of thinking and talking time, and to 4-5 years old, they teach phonics, age-appropriate math (e.g., graphing apples by colors and tastes) and basic science with real experiments (e.g., what material do you think would float?). Also, the teachers are very consistent in teaching children basic rules and manners. My kids came out loving their teachers. Anybody looking for a preschool in Mission Viejo should check it out.

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