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All kindergartens in LAUSD or surrounding district in LA are providing ELD program?


kaikaigs February 11, 2013

We plan to move area of Santa Monica, West side down to Torrance at the end of summer from Japan. My 5-year son does not speak English. I am wondering all public schools in the area provide English learners program? if they offer the program, are these different each school ? or if they don't offer the program how do we find out which school offers the program?

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MagnetMom February 12, 2013

Hi kaikaigs,

All public schools in Los Angeles will provide English Language Learner services to students in their schools. You are talking about several school districts, including Los Angeles Unified and Santa Monica.

Your son is young and he will learn quickly. You can get a jump on things by having him watch cartoons in English and look at picture books in English.

When you know where you're going to move, you can contact some of the schools in that area and narrow down which schools interest you.

You can start here:


mdorn05 February 12, 2013

Yes, they do have a program for English learner at public schools.

You can also have an options to let your son continue studying Japanese thru Kumon Kokugo program (Kumon Santa Monica or Kumon Torrance have Japanese owners) or Saturday Japanese School. Check out Asahi Gakuen or Polaris Gakuen. It is designed for a Japanese descent kid who live in USA.

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