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Eagle Rock or Highland Park schools?


dzhyde February 14, 2013

What public elementary schools are worth looking at in Eagle Rock and Highland Park?
Moving from NYC. Love Silver Lake and Los Feliz, but are probably priced out, so looking further East.

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MagnetMom February 15, 2013

It sounds like you're looking at LAUSD. There are great schools in those areas and areas nearby as well. Are you moving for a job? Talk to the HR folks and have them help you.

A real estate pro well-versed in those areas will tell you if you're priced out or not. Actually I've always been under the impression that NYC is higher--but you can talk to a real estate pro and they might even be able to talk about the schools.

Here's the GreatSchools School finder: and by typing in a few zip codes you will be able to narrow down your searches.

Finally, you might want to post your question here: as there are regulars who respond to various areas of the LA area, and since it's so big, none of us are experts in the whole thing.

Good luck!


dzhyde February 16, 2013

Thanks for the response and the push towards the blog. We are looking at LAUSD. And while NYC is very expensive we're lucky enough to have a rent-stabilized apartment in a great school district...


AngelaBond February 18, 2013

The schools in Mount Washington are very well respected and receive good ratings all around - I believe the Mt Washington Elementary school gets a 9 rating on here. Are you looking to buy or rent? I'm a Realtor, so if you need help just ask.

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