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Overland Elementary School


cranjeeet March 3, 2013

I have applying my son to Transition kindergardern at overland elementary school as he is not eligible for kindergardern program this year due to birthdate shift. I have heard great reviews about this school. i did have option for Westwood charter elementary school and cloveravenue but i finally decided to go with Overland elementary school. Does anyone has experience with this school. Pls share.

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MagnetMom March 11, 2013

Hi cranjeeet, and welcome to the Los Angeles Community at GreatSchools.

There are something like 47 reviews for Overland on the reviews page, located here:

It's a 10, and while it's outside my general area, it's one of those schools that comes up in conversations among parents regularly because of its scores, its parent involvement, and more.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes.


Aammons13 April 15, 2013

cranjeeet - I'm having the same issue with my son's age and the birthday shift. My son is technically in Pre-School and next year should be in Kindergarten but due to his birthday being in Jan, he will not qualify (which I think is ridiculous!). Since your post, have you heard anything else about Overland Elementary?


hajime2k May 21, 2013

I haven't been on the campus at Overland Elementary, but I have passed by it. Nice neighborhood and the school looks like an intimate setting. There's a library nearby as well as a park. I looked into this school as well.

If you get into either Clover (I've been on three tours there) or Overland count your blessings.

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