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How sick are you of LAUSD?


noned1970 April 2, 2013

Just got my echoices letter. My daughter got waitlisted to LACES. Didn't realize that if we didn't get into one of our 3 choices, we would only get waitlist for our 1st choice. Never would have made LACES #1 had I known. LACES' waitlist is worthless. What is it this year, 1000? 1100? We may as well have not applied. She's way down on the waitlists on the 2 or 3 decent charter schools that are within driving distance from my house. If you don't live on the Westside, LAUSD schools are almost universally atrocious. I wouldn't send a dog to our neighborhood schools. Do we homeschool? Do we move? Do we send her to our local dropout mill? I am COMPLETELY demoralized. Los Angeles has got to be one of the worst cities in the country for raising children if you are not rich. God help us all.

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hajime2k May 21, 2013

To the OP, I share your pain regarding dealing with LAUSD. I live on the Westside, but on the eastern most edge. Which means I have no direct access to the better schools on the Westside.

Last year I was looking into intra-district permits for my soon-to-be stepchild that lives in another country. The principal wouldn't sign the release on the grounds that the child never enrolled at the school. I argued with her because parents get permits for their kids at all ages without having to enroll at the home school.

My stepchild is supposed to come this year. Even though the home school has a new principal, I didn't even bother to initiate getting an inter-district permit. That said, the only option I have now is open enrollment.

If I lived two blocks north or two blocks west I would be able to send my child to elementary schools with APIs right around 900. But my home school's API is around 755. On the other side of my zip code is a school with a 950 API.


MagnetMom April 5, 2013

Be very hopeful. There are many available spots at SAS schools. You can apply to several schools, rather than just one. There is no transportation, but living in LA that is pretty much normal--we drive everywhere, anyway.

Which area are you in? You mention not living in the Westside, but the San Fernando Valley has more SAS than any other area. But *all* areas have SAS programs.

Get the application together quickly and turn them in. Applications are essentially ranked on their test scores and the time stamp of the application, so don't wait until the last day to turn it in.

Good luck!


noned1970 April 4, 2013

Thanks for the support and suggestions, guys. Really appreciate it. We are getting into the SAS process now. My daughter is identified as gifted, so we'll see if that merits anything in the eyes of Lausd. Seems that if they go to the trouble of testing these kids they would make provisions for the ones who are excelling just like they do (or should) for those that are struggling. Anyway, we remain hopeful and prayerful. Thanks again.


MagnetMom April 3, 2013

Hi noned1970,

Many of us in the LAUSD community had great concerns over the addition of those 2nd and 3rd spots on the application.

It's not clear from your post what area you live in, but there are other programs to use to get into other LAUSD as well. I live in a pretty tough area of the San Fernando Valley (academically) and my kids (one graduated in 2008, and another will graduate in 2019) have always gone to really amazing schools.

Is your daughter identified as gifted or high ability? You can apply to SAS, and open enrollment will still be coming up in May.

And even in local schools that seem less than stellar there are programs within those schools that are impressive.

Let us help you find a school for your daughter.


mdorn05 April 2, 2013

You can visit Ask Magnet Yenta forum to get update info regarding magnet program.

I heard time stamp is also important factor on SAS program, so you will have to be quick and apply as soon as possible.


noned1970 April 2, 2013

Thanks mdorn, I'll take that advice. Think I just wanted to vent a little. We still have SAS and open enrollment coming up, so all hope is not lost. We are yet holding on.
LAUSD still stinks tho.


mdorn05 April 2, 2013

I am sorry to hear that. This year, students can select up to 3 magnet and points only play important role on first choice. I hate the idea that LACES has a feeder school (Mid-City magnet) which takes a lot of spots from magnet lottery.

You should call LACES attendance office in the afternoon (less busy than the morning) and ask about your child's status. You will not be given your child's exact number, but they will tell you if your child is in

-Top third (some chance of getting in)
-Middle Third (very low chance)
-Bottom Third (very little chance)

You can also call Office of Student Integration Services to see which magnets have opening.

LACES use 70/30 model. They will start calling waitlist as soon as April 19-early June and then they will be off-track until mid August. Opening that come up during summer are filled in August. Hope this info help.

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