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3Xmama April 10, 2013

Need to enroll my son for fall in kindergarten. Can he attend any of the elementary schools within my district boundaries or how exactly does that work in CA??

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hajime2k May 22, 2013

I am in the exact same situation. My home school is also the same as yours. I've been applying to other schools in LAUSD via Open Enrollment. The deadline for Open Enrollment is May 24. You can get the list of Open Enrollment schools and the application here:

Good luck.


MagnetMom May 6, 2013

Open enrollment has started. See the post at here:


MagnetMom April 19, 2013

Open enrollment will likely start around May 1. As soon as the list is announced, I will post it for you.


3Xmama April 18, 2013

Thanks for the info. The elementary school that is n my district is Shenandoah Elementary, a 3/10 on greatschools scale and that is why I was curious about enrolling him into a more desirable school.


MagnetMom April 13, 2013

mdorn is correct for LAUSD. What district will your child attend? Each district has its own requirements.


mdorn05 April 12, 2013

Your child can find out what school he can attend by using resident school locator,. Just enter your address here:

Then call the school directly to ask for enrollment info.

Also LAUSD will have open enrollment starting May 7th. This is a lottery drawing admission. You can find a list of school that accept open enrollment at LAUSD website.

Other options are
-Charter school
Application period: Nov-Feb/lottery drawing
-Magnet school
Application period: November/magnet points+racial profile+lottery

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