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Good Schools for Aspies


MichelleEA July 29, 2013

Hello! We're looking for a good elementary school in LA for children with Aspergers. Preferably a school with a 'Social thinking' curriculum embedded within an academic curriculum. Does this 'dream school" exist in LA or city in California? Thanks for any and all advice...

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MagnetMom July 30, 2013

I know people who have had success with Summit View in Valley Village and Bridges Academy in Studio City, but those are both private schools.

Chime Charter in Woodland Hills is another option, which runs K-8, but the application lottery for this fall is complete.

Are you moving here for work? There are many LAUSD public schools who work with kids on the spectrum, and are successful doing it, but it's a matter of where you're moving.


karlakahler August 5, 2013

As another Aspie mom, I can tell you hands down the best place is CHIME Charter. Another great place to try is New Horizons Charter in North Hollywood (it's new, but I think it will be similar to the CHIME model). Both are totally inclusive models and all kids are in gen ed classes.
Two other school with great models are Kester Ave Elementary and Encino Elementary. Both have HFA programs. The great thing about these programs are they are "push in" models. So all kids are in gen ed classes 100% of the time and there is a spec ed teacher that spend 1-3 hours with each child in the gen ed class. Those programs are pretty tough to get into and usually involve due process.
Also, Bridges is suppose to be amazing. It's private (starting in 5th grade, I *think*). It's around 35K a year.

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