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What do you think of having video cameras on each classroom?


tobbyandlui October 22, 2008

It will be great to be able to check by online everytime parents feels like, what your kids are learning every single day, how your child is doing throughout the day. They have this system in some daycares, that parents are able to check through online how their children are doing, Is this a great or bad idea? What do you think?

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tobbyandlui October 28, 2008

Any comments on this?


maggie93215 December 1, 2008

i think having cameras in classrooms is a great idea it will help the teachers think before they do anything. it will protect both teacher and studemt. At the school that I currently work at we have cameras in the class room an I know that I am not doing anything wrong so it dosen't bother me one bit, except when I want to eat a quick snack you know what i mean!


tobbyandlui December 1, 2008

Thank you for your comment, you are right, there is nothing to fear in having a live camera in every classroom if you are a teacher, unless there is something else going on. Parents will be happy to know and see that their children are in a safe admosphere and also be able to know if their children are learning or having difficulties. There will be protection for the student as well as for the teacher.


tobbyandlui December 1, 2008

This will be great in every elementary, middle and high schools.


eccentric December 1, 2008

I'm sorry but I think it's a terrible idea! Here's my reasoning for it...

well first of all, I don''t necessarliy want to know what goes on every single minute in my child's class. I'm happy that my children are out in the schools learning what they are suppose to learn.
Secondly, it's a intrusion of privacy for children who are not yours! What if some other parent wants to "watch" your child??! How would that make you feel??
Also, would you like to put a camera in your house so the teacher can watch you?? A teacher also faces all kinds of students coming from all walks of lives. I feel that a classroom is a teacher's house and we should let her have her privacy. She is not out there to get our children! I agree that she should have nothing to hide, but that think about parents who are constantly scrutinizing these teachers, and have a hard time letting their children go. With those cameras, those parents might just get tempted to stay online forever just to find faults!

Yes, having a video camera is a great idea to have at a daycare center. That's a completely different scenario! Just my opinion.


debrasuefitzge December 3, 2008

i agree with you tobby


deanne9 September 17, 2009

I think there should be cameras in all classrooms. Not necessarily so parents can view the kids, but when kids act up in class it will help give the teachers "extra eyes". We have found campus video cameras have been invaluable. Everyone tends to behave themselves more if they know they are on candid camera!


dac525 October 31, 2011

I am a 12 year inner-city public high school math teacher. I changed careers from corporate engineering in 1999, and have been helping to deal with the process of incorporating technology into the school's curriculum and administration since then. I am very ready for cameras in the classroom. Whether it's used as video grade book (teacher access only), or streamed to parents and staff.

I remember being relieved when cameras were installed in the hallways and grounds of the high school. It cut down on the numbers of discipline issues that occurred in those areas drastically.

As I said previously, this is an inner-city public high school, and I deal with students in a subject that frustrates most, Math. Needless to say, I deal with frustrated teens on a daily basis. There are times when I do not feel safe in my classroom. Most students are taller, and stronger than I am, so my physical presence does not intimidate them. Getting them to do something that frustrates them is not easy.

Having a camera would provide the teacher with a leveraging tool in dealing with discipline issues. Students tend to behave better if they think they are being videotaped. It also would provide factual records of what actually occurs in the classroom vs. arbitrary comments on what someone else thought might have happened.

I deal with my students the best way I know how, honestly and with caring. However, I realize I need all the help I can get. A video review of my class activity would a great tool! I would also get to actually see what goes on behind my back!

Yes, I am ready for it., and as long as there are limits to its usage and dissemination, I see no problem.


user5385822 December 15, 2013

I am a current a biology and secondary education senior in college and I think it is incredibly logical to have all classrooms taped for a number of reasons.
1. It allows teachers feedback to improve the specific lesson and/or their teaching style.
2. If a teacher is given the chance to analyze their professional teaching style (by reviewing lessons) and DOESN'T take that opportunity, then it may indicate good of a teacher they really are.
3. It would provide an additional support for classroom management, as mentioned in a previous post. Kid's may stay on task more if they know they are being watched.
4. It will provide school districts with the SPECIFIC data needed to fired a teacher for poor performance, because all of their "performances" will be recorded.
5. There isn't any logical reason why a good teacher would be nervous on camera, it should be welcomed as a way to showcase why good teachers deserve an increased salary.

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