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What is a good place to get my child evaluated for a language processing disorder in the Bay Area?


Muffasa January 19, 2009

My daughter was diagnosed with slow processing and auditory attention and perceptual reasoning weaknesses. I suspect that there could be more but have found that auditory and language processing testing is not very comprehensive.

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Denali January 19, 2009

It sounds like your child has some complex and perhaps subtle issues going on. Here are some resources.

The Children's Health Council:


You might call Jason Bradeen, the counselor at Charles Armstrong School and ask for a referral to an evaluator.

You might call someone at Stanbridge Academy for a referral to an evaluator.

Mary Stadler is head of the Counseling Department.


healthy11 January 19, 2009

Denali has given you some great information...If you'd like to communicate with other parents of children who have special needs, I invite you to join the Learning and Attention Difficulties Group at


ayalaoshri April 17, 2009

r u still looking?

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