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I'm buying a home in San leandro but want to take my son to redwood heights or Montclair in this possible? Or Is...


Thenab90 March 29, 2011

I want to take my child to Montclair or redwood heights next year but I'm going to be living in San leandro. Will this be too far? Thanks

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dari22 May 16, 2011

Irregardless of the distance, it's highly unlikely. Kids who live within the city of Oakland and are trying to get into these schools because their own neighborhood schools are failing can't get spots in those schools, so OUSD isn't going to give them to families from outside the district.


anjohn1 May 26, 2011

OUSD offers intra district transfers, in the event that they do offer inter district transfers I am not sure what the qualifying factors would be. I would naturally assume if you work in a different city than you live the district should offer intra district transfers. I recommend contacting OUSD.


etan22 May 27, 2011

Let me know what you find out. I agree with the other poster -- there's no way you'll get into Montclair or Redwood Heights, but maybe another "rising" OUSD school like Sequoia, Laurel, Cleveland, etc. I live in Oakland, am thinking about moving to San Leandro but am afraid of the schools there (esp. past elementary school), and am curious about interdistrict transfers -- what are the requirements to getting a transfer and how does it work with the options process?


statum09 October 2, 2011

I have probably a indirect question to this post. I live in Oakland, and my daughter will be starting kindergarten the 2012 school year. So I want her to be able to attend one of the better school districts in Oakland, but I keep hearing tht its not easy, which I don't understand why as long as if the school has space not to allow students the opportunity to attend a better performing school, that offers a strong academic curriculum and before and after school programs. So I'm looking at Thornhill, Montclair, Hillcrest, Joaquin Miller, etc. I have read up on the options process, but if anyone can suggest any feedback since I will be starting this process next month visiting the elementary schools in Oakland, would be very much appreciated


dari22 October 9, 2011

The reason that it's hard to get into these schools is that there are more neighborhood kids than spots at many of them, and siblings of kids who have spots who live elsewhere have priority. I've gone through the OUSD so-called options process, and currently have my son in a charter school that I'm not nuts about. It's October and I'm still willing to switch him into one of the better Oakland schools if a spot comes up. And it's not like I was lazy or unprepared, I was actually the first person to appeal our school assignment when assigned to our "local" (there is a good school physically closer) failing school and not being given any of our top 6 choices. And when you appeal, you have to appeal to just one school. @ststum09, maybe you'll get lucky. Where do you live?


dawn10670 March 25, 2012

You may want to check into local charter schools. Lighthouse Community Charter School is an amazing K-12 but has a waiting list and a lottery every year.

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