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Family with 5 kids moving to So Cal


esther12x November 7, 2011

HELP please. Our family will be moving from Baltimore county to southern california. Our children are all in elementary school and one will soon be going to middle school. We will be buying a home in Southern california. Please can anyone shed light on good family areas

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nancita December 6, 2011

Esther, Southern California is huge. Do you have an area narrowed down? I live in Orange County and can recommend various cities, but it all depends on what you are looking for in a community. Many people love Irvine because it's a planned community with parks and family activities everywhere. Other cities like Orange and Fullerton have old townes and historic sites which interest others more inclined towards indy/funky/artsy.


MagnetMom December 27, 2011

Hi esther12x,

You've posted in Oakland which is actually in NorCal. As for Southern California, there are many areas that are well regarded--from the San Fernando Valley, to Ventura County, to Orange County down to San Diego County. It will depend on where you will be working because traffic is an issue and what you can afford, because the same house in one area might be $200K or $600K in another neighborhood.

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