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Choosing a middle school


ByscuitsMom June 16, 2011

I live near Rutter middle school do i have to send my son there

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MagnetMom June 21, 2011

Your best bet will to be call the school and make sure you're zoned for that school. Then, you'll need to provide a utility bill or lease agreement, a birth certificate, immunization records, and any transcripts you might have.

The school will let you know what else they will require.

Good luck!


ChampionDad March 13, 2012

If you want your son to be a well rounded student, think for themselves, and be excited about education, then consider Natomas Charter Leading Edge Program. You will find teachers that care about the student and put in the extra mile because they love what they are doing.

The natomas teacher's union is killing our schools - new teachers with energy and a desire to help the students are being let go. Time to get rid of the union - parents need to take back their schools!

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