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i wanted a more good school for my daugther and i need more information


graciela12 March 5, 2012

because i see more figths here in this area

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MagnetMom March 8, 2012

Now is an excellent time to be looking for a new school. Many districts are having enrollment lotteries for their available seats, so you can apply to send your daughter to different schools.

Start here:

Then type in your zip code, look at the ratings, read the parent reviews, and ask to tour the top few schools that interest you.

Good luck.


ChampionDad March 13, 2012

NHS has one of the top English departments in all of Northern California. The teachers are demanding, and they produce top notch graduates. If your daughter is has been taught good moral values and the importance of education, you need not worry. If she hangs out with a bunch of want-to-be-gang bangers, then send here some place else,

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