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I am considering a move to Sacramento


momnmaven July 18, 2012

Hi, parents. I need info on good neighborhoods, best high school for an AP student and best grade school for 4th grade dyslexic student. Can't afford private. Ideas?

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MagnetMom July 22, 2012

Hi momnmaven,

First start here: You can compare the school ratings and the parent reviews and narrow down your search considerably.

Second, contact a real estate professional. Even if you're renting, a real estate pro will know the ins and outs of the neighborhoods with the amenities you seek: parks, shopping, safe streets, etc.

Good luck!


cmcgreevy September 11, 2012

If you're still considering moving to Sacramento, you really should consider Folsom, a 25-minute drive down the freeway. It has excellent neighborhoods and schools. Mira Loma and McClatchey high schools are closer and have magnet programs, but the neighborhoods aren't as nearly as nice, and many of the students commute from other areas.

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