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tanzi86 October 18, 2012

hi parents,
i am a single mom looking to move in the sacramento area. I was wondering if this school provides after hrs programs. If anyone has some info please do let me know. i also want to know the hours its held because of my commute .also if theres any fees to go with..

Thanks a bunch
proud to be a parent!! :)

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eastsacmom October 20, 2012


It wasn't clear to me what grade you are seeking, but if you are looking for consistency in an after school program, our son attends Courtyard Private School in Midtown Sacramento (TK-8th grade). Most families utilize the excellent afterschool clubs which are mostly included in the cost of tuition and the supervision is seamless with great communication between the extended day staff and the homeroom teachers. Even though our family doesn't strictly need the child care until 6 pm, our son asks to stay as long as possible to play with his friends and take part in the after school clubs. Hope this helps.

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