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Transition from Montessori schools to other types of learning?


keisele April 6, 2011

I'm considering a montessori school for my kids instead of public school. My main concern is what happens when they need to go to high school? Is having a montessori education through 8th grade followed by a transition to public (or other private school) difficult due to the unique way children are taught at montessori schools?

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mpgarcia April 17, 2011

Our kids went to a local Montessori school from pre school through 7th grade. They had a wonderful learning experience! For 8th grade we decided to send them to public school only because they wanted a bigger social group. So they went from a class of 7 to 300.

I thought they would have some sort of transition issues but they had none. They are doing very well in their classes and have blended into the school population. More than one of their teachers has complemented us on how they pay attention, ask questions and do their work. The one thing that shocked our kids was the number of kids who talked back, didn't do or turn in their homework, didn't study or just didn't like school. It didn't make sense to them given the experience they had at the Montessori.

I've spoken with other Montessori parents and heard the same, that their kids "hit the ground running" and didn't have any problems at all. Of course it all depends on the individual kid but based on our and our friend's experience a Montessori education is a plus.

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