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Special ed schools in San Diego


tskn123 June 12, 2011

Looking for special ed school (autism) info in San Diego. Any ratings/application procedures and personal experiences much appreciated.

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eddie123 August 7, 2011

It is difficult to answer your quesiton without knowing the age etc.

Winston School,
Springall Academy
Excelsior Academy,
Institute for Effective Education
last but not least - Balboa City School
good luck


mon2Tgreatboys August 24, 2011

Today is the last day of my child's Preschool experience at Alex's PLAYC. He is off to Kindergarten. This is almost always an exciting yet challenging time for many parents and kids. However if you are a parent with a child with ASD you really are feeling anxious about all the upcoming changes. Well let me just tell you that for the last 2 years we felt very fortunate and happy to be a part of Alex's PLAYC. Finally a school where my child was accepted, respected and treated with the outmost love and understanding. The Staff at Alex's PLAYC have an inclusive setting where children with ASD can benefit from interacting and learning with typical peers while having experienced and trained professionals working with your child. My son was redirected appropriately when he exhibited poor behaviors until extinction. The staff works as a team to use data and best teaching practices to help all children in their care. As a parent and educator myself I can only hope I continue to find quality places where the entire staff truly individualizes the needs of each kid and cares for ALL children in such a remarkable way. I highly recommend Alex's PLAYC for being an outstanding Preschool for all children to learn and get along. You have a very special place in our hearts

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