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Bad reviews on Gage Elementary


vivijake December 1, 2011

We are relocating to San Diego and assigned to Gage, reading the very negative reviews, we are very concerned. When people moved their kids out of the school during the year, what's the other option? We are coming in the middle of the school year and Gage is in our boundaries, none of the other choices are accepting enrollment at this point, not before next year...

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Heidi257 December 11, 2011

I am in the same boat. Did you get feeback anywhere else you can share??? Moving in January!


MagnetMom December 27, 2011

Hi vivijake and Heidi257,

Most of the magnet schools will have deadline requirements for enrollment lotteries. Some schools do have openings via open enrollment, and another consideration is if you both you and your spouse work, California state law dictates you can have your children at a school closer to your employment--provided that school has space.

Call the district itself and see what programs they do offer.

Good luck.


llgalaxygirl January 18, 2012

We were also assigned to Gage, and I choiced my kids into Barnard Elementary Magnet School. We couldn't be happier there, I LOVE Barnard! I recommend you attend the Magnet School Fair at Balboa Park on the 27th of January. Then you can get info about the Magnet Schools and see what they have to offer.

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