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Schools that compare to Explorer?


walkstory March 24, 2012

Two questions. 1) Are there any elementary schools in San Diego that incorporate Habits of Mind in to the curriculum? We are potentially moving from Hawaii to San Diego. Somewhat flexible where we live - no further north than Mira Mesa, no further south than Coronado, no further east than La Mesa. My first choice would be Explorer, BUT I know that is an impossibility. 2) Any schools that are a close second to Explorer?

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susan2012 March 26, 2012

I am not familiar with Habits of Mind specifically, but may I suggest you look into Mt. Everest Academy in San Diego. This is an independent study program that is part of the San Diego Unified School District, and it is a phenomenal program which allows your student(s) to get one-on-one instruction as well as pursue areas of interest with support from great credentialed teachers. This is a high-achieving K-12 school with many great extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities which supplement state approved curriculum. See what some of the other parents are saying on "great schools" about Mt. Everest...your student(s) will love this school!

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