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How does public school enrollment work in Pacifica? What do parents need to know?


Marian August 14, 2008

How does public school enrollment work in Pacifica? What do parents need to know?

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jstiles April 12, 2009

I'd love an answer to this question too. I'm especially curious about how the lottery works for the 2 K-8 schools, including what the chances are of securing a place at either school.


shelby345 September 26, 2009

does one have to live in Pacifica to attend a Pacifica school like Ocean Shores? I live near Muscle Rock, my technical address is Daly City, when I cross my street I'm in Pacifica.


coastalmom July 1, 2010

Currently the Pacifica schools are based on a lottery system. There is a cut off in Northern Pacifica (I believe it's by the McDonald's in Manor) and you need to live south of that to be considered part of the Pacifica School District (please check with the district office for particulars!) There are three K-8 schools: Cabrillo, Vallemar and Ocean Shore; two K-5's: Sunset Ridge and Ortega and one 6-8: Ingrid B. Lacy; and a home school program. All excellent, each unique and offering something special for your child. While budget issues are always the topic of discussion, Pacifica has the most energetic parent group you'll ever meet. Parent involvement is not only recommended it is expected: this is nothing new to education: what you give is what you get as the saying goes. Parent involvement makes the schools great in Pacifica. The odds of securing a spot depend on a variety of factors: number of siblings (they have priority) and number of children applying at each school. Tour the schools, observe the children with teachers, talk with parents (do your homework) and see which school matches your family style. If you're touring for kindergarten, read up on the trends about children entering grade school. All the schools are fantastic.

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