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New kindergarten assignment system and neighborhoods


sanserif January 1, 2012

We're considering a move to San Francisco from overseas and was just wondering how the new system which takes your address into account works. Are a lot of people still not getting into their neighborhood school if it's a very popular one? Does each address only get assigned one local school or can you be in the district for several? Also, does proximity count, or are all addresses in the school's catchment given equal weight?


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dawnlarkin March 19, 2012

The SFUSD lottery takes your address into consideration, but that does not guarantee your neighborhood school. There are a variety of factors that determine where you are placed. There are also several steps that allow you to change your placement as openings become available.

Significant factors are sibling placement, testing scores of your address area (more specific than zip code). School variables like k-8 or immersion programs also weigh in.


TwinsinSF March 20, 2012

Your address is the 4th factor in weighing in your school selection. My twin boys will be attending K in the fall and the school selected for them wasn't even on my list of schools. I live 3 blocks from my neighborhood school, but the one chosen for me is 21/2 miles away. There's four or five schools closer.


sanserif March 20, 2012

Yes, I've read up on this quite a bit more. It seems to me that, given that we'd be moving to the city and could basically live anywhere, the thing to do if we're prioritizing on schools is to live in a CTIP1 area. Correct? And if we do, are we likely to get into any school of our choice or is it still quite difficult to get into one of your top 3 schools?

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