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Middle school dilemma in san francisco


LauraDeCarlo July 11, 2012

I just moved with my kids (8th and 6th grade next fall) from Rome to San Francisco. We enrolled our kids late and now the options seem: Edison Charter in Mission, Kipp Bayview Area, Marina. The 8th grader is in waiting list everywhere. Can you help me evalutating the best option based on your knowledge? My kids are very calm and still don't speak english correctly (just a bit but will attend summer camps in order to improve), and I'm afraid they may go to a school where they migh be bullied.
thank you in advance!

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StuartLittle July 22, 2012

Hi, Laura.

I would contact Parents for Public Schools-San Francisco to get help. Someone there will be able to help you sort out your options and it's a free service. Here's the number: (415) 861-7077.

Good luck!


softimage July 25, 2012

I would also try Gateway Middle for the sixth grader. The school is slowly building into a full one, but doesn't have an eighth grade yet. I would personally suggest Aptos and Giannini in addition to your choices.


rykehl November 21, 2012

Ciao, Laura.

I would suggest Marina. i had the same dilemma, and marina was great. i loved marina, but all good things must come to an ending (tutte le cose belle del cono alla fine???) marina prepared me for Lowell, which is where i am at now. Lowell has a very good (molto buona?) Italian program, the teachers are real Italians, one from Parma and i don't know about the other one. im only in italiano uno, but if your kids can speak Italian fluently, they can easily get into Italian 5 (italiano chinque?) Lowell is great, and i would highly recomend sending your kids to Lowell, but for now i would suggest Marina. Marina e molto bene escuola. sorry fo rthe lousy italian, still learning.

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