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summer homework book


LauraDeCarlo July 17, 2012

Hi, we came from abroad adn approaching middle school (6th e 8th grade), can you suggest me some book for summer homeworking to use before school starts in order to better tune up?

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MagnetMom July 22, 2012

Hi LauraDeCarlo,

There are a few approaches you can take. Visits to the library and reading from the recommended list (either from the school's website, the library itself, or scan these suggestions:

Online, the grad students at University of Southern California came up with this website to help students of varying grade levels and in all subjects:

You can also take them to museums to inspire them, like the Tech Museum in San Jose ( or take them to see the Redwoods and let them investigate further when they get home.

Good luck!


Ianmac57 July 29, 2012

Hi Laura! I don´t know if this will help but one of the subjects that often gets overlooked is Algebra. To give the kids a bit of a break, have some fun and yet grasp the concept of Algebra, I would suggest you take a look at Loads of very good reviews.
Best regards


tullster July 29, 2012

My son is going into 7th grade and one of the books he has to read is
A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle
aggod science fiction book

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