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Does Kittredge offer financial aid?


alicat57 October 19, 2012

We're interested in this school for our son but I need to know if this school offers financial aid.

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CarollLloyd November 12, 2012

My daughter goes there (and loves it...) but really I'm not sure about financial aid. I would definitely ask though.

It's a lot less expensive than most other private schools in San Francisco with a very low student teacher ratio and exceptionally devoted teachers. I once did the math and honestly I couldn't see how they could give very much financial aid and keep their doors open. The other thing is that they do almost no fundraising so there's no deep pockets to dig into to fund scholarships.

The school is really unusual -- more Little House on the Prairie with fewer bells and whistles but the emphasis is on learning and strong relationships between the teachers and the students. My daughter has blossomed since she started last year -- before that she was at a good public school but didn't like school. At Kittredge, she's become more academically inspired, a persistent but also curious and passionate. She works really hard because she wants to. She's in 7th grade and is actually happy -- something I can't say for my 7th grade year!


MagnetMom October 28, 2012

Hi alicat57. and welcome to the San Francisco page of the GreatSchools Parent Community.

I was all over their website, and while they mention payment options, discuss tuition, and many other aspects of the school, they don't have a link for scholarship or financial aid. I'd go ahead and call anyway, because it doesn't hurt to ask.

Here's the site:

Good luck, and let us know what you find out.

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