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February 27, 2015
After some time and dealings with this school, I personally no longer am a proponent of the "Parent Participation Model." I now feel that it is inappropriate to have that many parents around. There are just way too many chefs in the kitchen, and real instruction becomes impeded a great deal. Yes. There are a lot of bells and whistles like the roller coaster project you read about below. I don't know how much real learning that translates to. The atmosphere is way too intense for my family. The gossip is too much for us. I want my children to grow up gaining there esteem from within and real accomplishment, not by bells and whistles and hyper energy in the air. Anti fraternization and anti-nepotism policies are set into place in most work arenas. They should be in schools too. This model may sound good, but I don't think it works. Also, the gossip feels palpable and out of control. The school should find another model, but it won't because too many parent egos are wrapped up in this place.

- submitted by a parent
February 04, 2015
I saw the last review about parent involvement and had to write something. We were new to San Jose having just moved here. We were looking for a school that provided more than worksheets and tests. When learning about the physics of roller coasters the students made actual marble roller coasters. Last week, the 5th grade class made a real log cabin, with saws and wood while learning about the math and science that went into making it. Parent involvement is essential. I find my kids are growing up to be independent confident thinkers. Part of parent participation and positive discipline is letting your kid find out about those natural consequences. I personally made the choice not to work in my child's classroom but lead an enrichment that involves multiple grades. Having come from another school, I find this to be a very gentle environment, both for the children and the parents. There are people that we may not agree with or listen to, but I still feel this is a wonderful community with a heart in the right place. It's a big commitment to send your child to Indigo, but I am so thrilled to have my children here. We can't go back to conventional, it's just not enough.

- submitted by a parent
December 08, 2014
We gave this school a try, but it wasn't a fit for us. Yes. It is better than most neighborhood schools. But I personally found the level of parent involvement exhausting and unhealthy for my children. I feel that my children should go to school to learn some sort of independence and ability to stand on their own to feet. That isn't what we saw here. My perception of the level of gossip is that it was really, really high. I tried to stay out of it, but it was hard. There are good things about this school, but it wasn't for my family.

- submitted by a parent
June 23, 2014
I had my child at a private school and I felt that it was very flat, competitive and had very little culture. Indigo is just the opposite. It has taken me a long time to really understand what whole child education means. It's not just about academics, but also about the social and emotional well being of a child. Learning doesn't stop in the classroom. It's curious and fun, interactive and engaging. The new principal is very excited about Indigo, open to listening and really interested in making Indigo a great school.

- submitted by a parent
March 09, 2014
Indigo is a good alternative if your home school is poor performing. It is NOT for all kids or all parents. Students who are self-directed learners do great here! However if your child needs structure and strong external motivation to work....you will want to look.elsewhere. everything is based on a child's choice....and they are encouraged to learn and explore by the teachers. But if your child needs lots of coaxing, this is not the place. Its also not for you if you tend to get wrapped into the Drama of other adults. The parents have too much power on how the school is run and it negatively affects the tone with the parents. There are cliques and it can seem like high school at times with the way some parents hang out at the benches and gossip. This program CAN be absolutely amazing as the teaching models really encourage the kids to learn by doing things rather than just read a book. But the discipline model and the way the PTA board are all the "in-crowd" parents leaves a sour taste in the mouths of the other parents who don't feel the need to nit-pick all the ins and outs of the teachers, parents and even other kids. Yes, the parents gossip about some kids too....

- submitted by a parent
February 11, 2014
Love, love, love this school. I agree with a previous post about this being a special school but not for everyone. Previous posts complaining about parent involvement (at a parent participation program) are probably people who did not buy into this kind of learning anyway. The benefit of the parent participation is more attention to your child, small group learning environment. This is a public school and my kids get to go on monthly field trips, my daughter has a weekly 3 hour art studio class, there is a beautiful garden which produces beautiful vegetables which eventually become soup in a cooking enrichment. Parents are engaged because we all want more for our children (and we are not millionaires). It's a crazy, highly pressurized world. The pressure we put on our young children is unbelievable. The Indigo Program allows kids to be kids. The teachers are some of the hardest working people I have ever met. The students who go through this program are confident, communicative and capable. They learn cooperation and how to collaborate from real life situations. All of this and not a textbook in sight. I'm a believer.

- submitted by a parent
February 10, 2014
Indigo is a great school but you have to really think if sending your child here is the a good idea for your family. It's parent participation, student centered, whole child learning. That means that they not only focus on academics but also the social, behavioral and emotional aspects of being a child. This is really important to our family. It's a lot of work. The bonus is that my kids are not stressed, they can focus on outside activities. I will tell you that bringing my kids to Indigo has made me a better parent. If you are hyper about test scores and grades, maybe you should look elsewhere. My kids are getting exactly what they need. Best choice we ever made.

- submitted by a parent
February 05, 2014
We love the Indigo program! My daughter loves the art and music programs offered weekly. The parent participation in the classrooms and on campus really make it feel like a community coming together to better the education of our young children! I look forward to both of my children completing the program :)

- submitted by a parent
February 04, 2014
We love Indigo: the innovative education, the community relationships, and the faculty. Our oldest is in third grade, having started in Kindergarten. Our second child is in 1st Grade, and we have two more who will certainly go here as well. In the midst of a district with many challenges, Indigo is a great alternative for self-directed children and families who want more than to just drop off their kids at a school. It is a school where your investment in the education and community is required, and may not be for everyone. The faculty are helpful, creative, and problem solvers. We were so excited for Indigo to get its own Principal this year and provide more focused leadership. Anyone who is willing to build relationships with other parents and invest in more than their own children will thrive here. The kids get unique opportunities for field trips and enrichments that go beyond anything you would get in a mainstream school (gardening, sports, music, art, drama, etc). There is freedom for kids to excel and to catch up if needed. This is one of the expressions of public education getting something right. We hope the district is able to maintain their support for this school.

- submitted by a parent
February 03, 2014
We have had a fantastic experience at this school. Unlike our neighborhood school, Indigo focuses on teaching children to learn, rather than to take a standardized test. As a result, I've seem my children become confident, engaged learners. They are excellent readers, creative problem solvers, and socially savvy. The principal is a progressive education expert and the teachers are all tenured (so I'm not sure where other reviewers complaining about staff are coming from. We are so pleased to have this option for our children.

- submitted by a parent
November 16, 2013
This school has a lot of positive qualities. I too feel that my child was exposed to some really bad stuff before we moved to Indigo. However, I do agree that there is too much parent involvement. It seems like children don't really get much of a chance to problem solve on their own. Seems like experiences are overly supervised. There was a child who lost a tooth, and I watched four parents run around him like he lost a limb. There is definitely an intensity in the air at this school. Every lesson, field trip etc is fodder for parent discussions. I really do feel that there needs to be more parents doing more work behind the scenes and let the teachers deal with the students and let the students experience things on their own. There is a reason that doctors don't let family members in the operating room - this reasoning could definitely apply to the classroom. There are many parents who simply don't belong in the classroom, and they become a cog in the wheel. The required parent involvement does serve to make the school unavailable to many students in the area- I don't like this, but it is a reality. This seems to be how the school keeps the behavior problems out.

- submitted by a parent
October 06, 2013
My daughter loves going to school and that is the best criteria I have for a good school. She has been very happy with her teachers who has been very committed to their students. In class they get to go deeper when learning with themes that span across the different subjects. They read about it, write about it, use it in art and music and often finish with a field trip. When they learned about Transportation in the olden days they got to see old trolleys and even ride one. When learning about habitats they got to pick one to do themselves in a shoe box and then got to see tide pools in Monterey. As a parent you work in the classroom, either with prep work or actively with the children. It is a great community but a time commitment that you must be able to do.

- submitted by a parent
September 22, 2013
Our family joined the Indigo Community nearly 6 years ago. We have 4 children, the first of which spent half of his kinder year at our neighborhood school. The experience was so stressful due to out of control behavioral issues and a lack of adult supervision in the classroom and on the playground. It was painfully obvious that public schools have so little resources that my child was being expose to aggression, foul language, and disrespect on a daily basis. We were so stressed that we considered moving to a new neighborhood or paying for private school. I am so grateful that we decided to take a chance on Indigo for the second half of kinder. My husband has a very busy work schedule and I am still working on my degree. At times it can seem like a lot of work to participate in the Indigo community but we both agree wholeheartedly that the time we invest and what our children get in return is more than worth the time invested. As far as the program being too parent centered- not so! Every community has extreme personalities! Such is life...I have no worries a few controlling parents out of many will affect my children's experience. 99% of Indigo parents are great people!

- submitted by a parent
September 12, 2013
If we had real choices for schools in our area, I wouldn't send my kids to Indigo. Our choice was putting up with very intense parents or putting up with very uncomfortable setting for our kids. We chose to deal with some discomfort to not go to our neighborhood school. Yes. Indigo is way too parent centered. I have experienced it. It makes us very uncomfortable, but we stick it out. When every conversation begins with "The parents," that is a problem. There is a lot of project -based learning that has no real point. Parents come in and teach lessons. It seems to be indulging adults need to feel brilliant and doesn't really seem to help my kids learn anything. We smile and act like we love it, because our alternative is what it is. I don't want my kids to get on the wrong side of some of these adults. My kids are happy enough, but we have concerns about the adult behavior being modeled to our children. The teacher turn over rate is very high, and that worries us. We have liked all the teachers we have dealt with, and have had to listen to parents lambast some of the teachers for silly reasons. We like the progressive ideas behind the school, but not the school.

- submitted by a parent
September 09, 2013
Indigo is a great alternative to "traditional" schools. My son attended our "home" school from K through 2nd. Every morning was a struggle. He cried and often said, "I hate school." At such a young age, it was heartbreaking to see him struggle to meet the (too) rigorous demands of this school. In third grade we transferred to Indigo and now my son, "loves school." Is this a school with high levels of parent involvement? Absolutely! However, I don't agree that this school is "parent centered." You ALWAYS have some extreme people in every group. It is my experience that the majority of parents there work cooperatively for the good of the children. My children feel like they have A LOT of caring adults in their lives and that is absolutely necessary in this progressive world we live in. The weekly art and music classes are enriching and engaging. The teachers at this school are talented, driven, caring and kind. My children are flourishing with project based learning and enrichment classes like woodworking, origami, and "Journey to Knighthood." I too have learned a lot! My parenting skills continue to grow thanks to our monthly "enrichment" classes. We are so happy at Indigo!

- submitted by a parent
September 08, 2013
We moved to California three years ago and were disappointed to find the public schools so underfunded. Where were the art, music, and PE classes the children need to foster their creativity and physical well being? We found these classes and so much more at Indigo. The Indigo community is warm and welcoming. I feel confident that my children are safe and that the faculty, staff, and other parents care for them. I love being in the classroom with the children, supporting the teachers, and running gardening and enrichment lessons. The children know me and know that I will listen and help them face challenges. A new kindergarten child approached me on the playground last week and said, I remember you. Will you come with me to the ball room so I can get a soccer ball? I loved it that he felt comfortable asking me for help. Perhaps most importantly, the children are taught to think critically, to solve real problems, and to choose methods that work for them. With so many parents on campus, it s easy to model respect, to engage directly with the children, and to allow them to learn at their own pace and in their own way.

- submitted by a parent
September 03, 2013
I love this school! The environment is very positive and encouraging and there is a great sense of community. It has been really good for our family because the parents, teachers and families really work to create a progressive, child centered learning environment. The parent education has been really helpful so that all of the parents are working toward the same goals about how to work with the kids. My children have really learned a lot about how to work with others and to be self aware. I think that they are getting a great education and they love going to school.

- submitted by a parent
August 28, 2013
There is some good and bad news about this school: The bad news: All the over engaged parents in the school district attend this school. The good news: All the over engaged parents in the school distric attend this school (in other words you can leave and leave it all behind, and find a healthy environment. This school has very little to do with children. It is completely parent -centered and completely exhausting. All the energy goes towards managing parents and their issues. When a parent went completely overboard a child in the middle of class, we felt it time to pack it in. I didn't realize how exhausting and unhealthy the environment was until I left. There is very high teacher and principal turnover, because of the issues I'm sharing.

- submitted by a parent
August 09, 2013
As a founding parent of Indigo I have had all 3 of my children attend this wonderful school. My son graduated with the first 8th grade class and my daughters will be in 8th and 4th grades this year. I know without a doubt that all of my kids are much more well rounded individuals due to their time at Indigo. They enjoy learning for the experience and not for the grade or evaluation. They seek out learning experiences outside of school due to their own motivation, not because they will be rewarded. Another reason Indigo has been so important in our lives is because it is a community in a way that other schools are not. Because all parents/families are required to work in the classroom and on campus we all get to know one another and my kids have many caring adults around at all times. This has allowed them to form many close relationships which builds their confidence and ensures that they always have someone near to help them problem solve and grow in a safe environment. It truly makes a difference to have a tight knit community to help you raise your kids! There's not enough space here to list all the reasons that a progressive education is the way to go when choosing a school!

- submitted by a parent
August 06, 2013
My children love going to Indigo! We started at a regular public school and my child was stuck at a desk, lost in the crowd; her intelligence judged by test scores. At Indigo, students learn how to problem solve, work with others, as well as work independently at their own level. They do hands-on learning, in small groups, rather then sitting at their desk doing work sheets. Monthly field-trips, related to their curriculum, and weekly Art and Music classes are just icing on the cake! And, my children learn not only from the teachers, but also learn special skills from the parent volunteers. Everyone goes above and beyond at Indigo, and the children reap the benefits!

- submitted by a parent
August 02, 2013
I love that my school is a parent involvement school where students, families, teachers, and the school administration work together to create a strong community. Positive discipline and a progressive education centered on constructivist teaching results in many role models, opportunities to explore art, music, and a wide variety of enrichments that focuses on depth not breadth of knowledge and no teaching to the test.

- submitted by a parent
July 29, 2013
My daughter is entering Grade 6, and my son in Grade 3. From my experience, we have had a few new students each year as class sizes are growing and families are moving, etc. The existing students do very well with newcomers, and as a community we are here to welcome and support the new families. As parents, we are in classrooms and on the playground helping and facilitating conflict resolution in a way that is not possible in a traditional school. (In my estimation at recess and lunch there are more than 8-12 parents on play ground duty.) We try to model our own behavior and work to support each other AND the kids, we don't see much bullying on our campus.

- submitted by a parent

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