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How do i find out what school is our primary school based on our address?


Anonymous March 2, 2009

I heard we are "assigned" to a specific Grade school and High School based on our residential address...i want to find out what our school assignment is and how to petition to send our kids to a different school.

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tjlove March 2, 2009

Have you contacted your school district office directly?
Here's a link to the GreatSchools page for the Morhan Hill, CA school district.

You can also use GreatSchools to look up schools near your address, but for zoning information, it's best to contact the school district directly.


ibshmoo March 5, 2009

I assume you are in Santa Clara County...

You can go the Santa Clara County Board of Education site to locate your district:

Once you locate you district, go to their site, they should have a school locator, and info on process (if any) to attend a school other than the boundary school.

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