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Recommendations for Bay Area Inclusion Schools/Districts


jaljeera March 23, 2010

My family and I are contemplating a move to the Bay Area this summer, pending a job opportunity for my wife after she finishes graduate school here in Davis. We have a 5 year-old daughter with Robertsonian translocation ("partial") Down Syndrome, who to date has received therapy services from the Davis Joint Unified School District but is considered very high-functioning.

Until my wife receives a job offer, we are proceeding with registering our daughter in kindergarten here in Davis. Despite the having the reputation for being a great school district, vetting the kindergarten programs here has been a bit involved as it's been apparent that different schools within a "good district" have different capacities and track records for accommodating a special needs child and her
respective IEP. Clearly, a high-ranking school may not necessarily be the best place for a child to get support services, such as a para-educator or speech and occupational therapy.

This is where perusing through a site like doesn't quite give a complete picture, as it's difficult to gauge how well a school accommodates and educates its special needs students.

We were wondering if anyone in the Bay Area had advice for a family such as ours in terms of locating a school in the Bay Area with a good track record and/or support staff (e.g.
inclusion specialist). We would love to join your community of
families some day, and are very willing to contacted by anyone in your network who might have some insight into this issue.

We appreciate the help. We hope to hear from you!

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tjlove April 12, 2010

Hi Jaljeera,

While I can't recommend a school district, I thought you might want to check out Berkeley Parents Network for some resources or suggestions:

While they mostly cover East Bay schools, it's a huge and very active network of parents so posting there may provide you with some insights.

Good luck!


catherineld June 6, 2011

Hi Jajeera,

I'm an inclusion parent in San Francisco, and would be happy to talk about our experience in SFUSD if you're still considering a move.

Support for Families with Disabilities is a great resource for our community in general, with connections to many programs and to other families.

And...I'm authoring a blog about inclusive schools in SF and beyond, and inclusion in general. Have a look! I welcome comments and post ideas, should you want to contribute.

My best!

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