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mheldz July 21, 2011

Can anyone suggest a school in San Jose that has a good program for kids with mild to severe Autism? We wanted to find a school first then find a house close to school. I've called several school district and they all have the same answer.That they can't tell me which school until they see my son's IEP.
I just think it would be easier for my son and our family if we live close to his school.

Thank you in advance.

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mkrhodes September 1, 2011

I live in the Evergreen district. I had a child who just didn't fit in (no special needs), and found the district lacking. For 5-8 grade I moved my son to the Indigo program in the Oak Grove district. Oak Grove also has a second less traditional program called Ad-venture. They seemed like a much more flexible district.

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