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amandaj75 August 23, 2012

Hi, we are thinking of moving from the UK to San Jose with our 5.5yr old twin boys. Can anyone recommend good schools and what geographical locations we should start looking at for property rentals. Thanks

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trinhtrinh October 22, 2012

Welcome to Gardner Academy Elementary with a new wonderful principal. I enjoy helping kids through PTO. The school offers TWBI in Spanish and they have 6 counselors to meet your expectation. I feel like this school is a hidden treasure in San Jose.


ehabsamar October 15, 2012


I have twin boys too but they are 8 old. They go to Northwood school in Berryessa Union School District. The school is excellent. The location of the school and the area in North Valley( district 4) is so convinence. It is close to major highways, public transportations, malls, and shops.

Good luck,


mollykins74 September 13, 2012

We are also a family from the UK, we moved here April 2011 with 3 teenagers. We made a big mistake choosing to live in San Jose, our experience has been dreadful due to racism . My kids were bullied at school by Hispanic kids because they are white. We live in Evergreen Valley and where our house is it is very nice but unfortunately EVHS high school catchment area expand down into gehto. Much of my experice around San Jose has been that white people are not wanted. We have looked at other areas to move into and Los Gatos will be where we will go next. Palo Alto, Los Altos and Mountain View are also very nice. It's quite shocking the racism in San Jose, especially in this day and age. We are used to living in different cultures as we moved here after living in Madrid for a couple of years, but nothing prepared us for this.


thibaud September 9, 2012

Union School District, especially Noddin Elementary and Union Middle School, is an excellent choice.

Noddin's scores are in the same range as those of much more expensive school districts, and the principal (what we yanks call a headmistress :^) has pioneered many excellent programs, including Stanford's cutting-edge online, self-paced math instruction program called EPGY. The school has been "adopted" by Xilinx, which sends engineers to talk to and counsel the kids and also sponsors other enrichment activities.

Union Middle School is famous for not only across-the-board excellence but also outstanding math and science instruction. It's probably the best middle school in the area, given that it serves a more diverse (read: not just high-achieving whites and asians) population and has achieved that rare feat of posting outstanding scores for lower-income students.

One last benefit of choosing Noddin/Union Middle School other Almaden: the commute is a bit shorter and more reasonable if you're headed toward Palo Alto and the Peninsula.


GloriaAshdown September 5, 2012

Welcome to San Jose. I'm also from England and settled in Almaden Valley. My kids went to Los Alamitos and we all loved the school. Booksin is also good in Willow Glen.

Good luck!


dragonflies September 1, 2012

I'm an Almaden Valley mom & the schools my two are in are very good and parent participation is the norm. The San Jose Unified School District elementary schools in the area are Graystone, Los Alamitos, Simonds & Williams. The middle schools are Bret Harte & Castillero. And the high schools are Leland & Pioneer. I would look to see what the neighborhood schools are when looking at houses though all the schools are very good.

I would also check out the Union School District area which is right next to the Almaden Valley area. The two I'm thinking of in particular are Guadalupe Elementary and Dartmouth Middle Schools. It's a very small district and very good. Not sure what other schools are included.

Good luck! If you have any specific questions, I'd be happy to try to help.


rbwk11 August 25, 2012

If you are looking into public schools, several of the Oak Grove School District Schools in San Jose are pretty good: Taylor, Santa Teresa, Baldwin, Sakamoto, Frost, Frost Indigo (parent participation), Ledesma, and Glider. I have been impressed with OGSD's customer service. I had a concern and brought it up to the district office and received a response from my child's teacher and principal within a few hours. These schools are located in South San Jose.

I hear of good public schools in Almaden Valley of San Jose such as Williams, Graystone, and Los Alamitos. If you look up neighboring schools with those names, they have rankings of at least 9/10 due to API scores. I get the sense that parents are supportive of their school and community based on my visits in the area.

The Evergreen School District on the east side of San Jose has very good schools. Many are ranked nationally.

I've checked out some Catholic schools and like the community-based approach of Holy Spirit, Holy Family and St. Frances Cabrini Schools. I've heard good things about Canyon Heights Academy where they cater to the varying learning styles of boys and girls.

I wish you the best in your school search. Feel free to message me for specifics.


daragon August 24, 2012

You must check out Sage Vista School ( The school grew over 300% year over year and I keep hearing nothing but great things about the school, staff, and their community. Check their review here at greatschools and you'll see what other parents have said about the school.

Good Luck

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