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Top notch schools in South Bay with out top notch home prices


Dana4van November 7, 2012

My kids currently go to mission sanjose schools in fremont, which are top rated. But we really want to move to South Bay Area to be close to work and friends. My husband is particular about sending kids to top rated schools only (public). We need help choosing the areas to buy houses that have top rated elementary , middle and highschools so we can settle down and not have to move again. Cupertino and palo alto are out of our reach. And not interested in east San Jose. Thanks for you help.

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schzade February 2, 2013

I hope you have taken a look at Hammer Montessori which is part of San Jose Unified School District. Hammer Montessori has the best of both worlds: support from a school district committed to 21 century education for all students and a Montessori program supported by the district, families and administration.

Here is our website We are currently doing school tours most Thursday mornings through March. You can call for a tour at 408-535-6671. I am a parent that helps with the tours, so I hope to see you there!


wangniles January 6, 2013

You might want to consider Union School District area of San Jose as well as Cambrian School District as well, both in areas that are affordable, nearby Good Sam Hospital. Los Gatos is another consideration but more pricey, similar to Cupertino.


eilama December 2, 2012

Don't forget Campbell, we have many exemplary schools here and reasonable house prices. We paid $725k this spring for our 3bd + 2ba detached house (built in 2008) and our kids go to Forest Hill (API 931).


algebrateacher December 2, 2012

There are several wonderful south bay schools where you don't need to spend a million dollars to buy a home. Take a look at Carlton Elementary for example. You can purchase a 2000 square foot home for around $650000 in this district and the API scores are around 900. Good Luck with your move


rmccarty4 November 8, 2012

One of your conditions is going to have to bend somewhat -- top notch schools & home prices are strongly positively correlated... especially high schools. Those are as rare as a purple unicorn outside areas costing $800+/sf. You're looking at $1M minimum to get a detached home in a neighborhood with a top high school.
However, *less* expensive than PA or C'tino, with good schools incl. high school...
Los Gatos, especially if you're willing to go up the hill a bit, can feature 3 BR 2 BA detached houses for $1M - 1.2M.
Almaden Valley features fine schools with 3 BR 2 BA detached houses for about the same prices, but note that you sort of want to be in the southern end of the valley to get the better schools, and that may interfere with your desire to be closer to work & friends.
You *may* be able to get something in Mountain View West of El Camino Real, but you're looking at $1M - $1.4M.
Sunnyvale, south of Fremont Ave, will get your children in to Homestead High. $950K - $1.2M
Saratoga is as or more expensive than C'tino. Los Altos is nearly as expensive as Palo Alto.
If you're serious, I'd talk to an agent. A decent agent will be able to take your budget & your school district parameters and tell you what's probably available in the area they specialize in. You may need to talk to a different agent about Mountain View & Sunnyvale than you do about Los Gatos or Almaden -- they usually specialize in a few zip codes only.
Also occurs that a condo or townhouse will be substantially less money than detached housing. If proximity and top schools are a priority, can you yield on privacy & outdoor space?

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