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Santa Clara, CA
Students enrolled: 400

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890 Pomeroy Avenue
Santa Clara, CA 95051

(408) 244-4073
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March 05, 2015
It is really a great school but didn't work for us. Never though that flattering a teacher is important to send a child to a school, but looks like it is. Teachers frame a child's eligibility at the beginning of the year and do not change their opinion even if the child performs better. I am talking about KINDERGARTEN. I had very high regards for this school, but really had a very tough and difficult year with them. Very very disappointed.

- submitted by a parent
June 06, 2014
I have a very positive and great experience at Pomeroy Stratford School. Although we are now relocated to another state, I could tell that my child's academic foundation thru Stratford School was amazing. He excels in most of his academic subjects, he could tell that his vigor academic exposure to Stratford helped him to succeed in his new private school. The teachers are phenomenal especially Mrs. Chang and the principal is very knowledgeable. I would say all the teachers are great as my son would always recognized their friendliness and kindness. The plus factor in my experience is the timely feedback of the teachers and helped the parents to focus on my child's capacity to continually improve.

- submitted by a parent
February 13, 2014
I disagree with the previous review that homework is too much. I know a lot of students in public middle school and high school do homework till 12 am or 1 am everyday. I do think that Stratford's curriculum is lacking. It should be at least 2 or 3 grades above public school, which is not the case at all. Tuition is exorbitant compared to what we get in return.

- submitted by a parent
February 04, 2014
My daughter is currently enrolled in Stratford Pomeroy Middle School. Most of the reviews listed for the school are for the elementary school. At the middle school, the teachers are great and very caring. However, they completely overwhelm the kids with so much homework that there is little time for anything else. We have been pulling our child out of the "free after school activities" so that she has enough time to do the homework. The school advertises no homework on the weekends, but that pure marketing. My child and ALL of her friends do homework on the weekends as well. My child works most of both days on the weekends as well to keep up. I wish they cared more about the stress they are putting on students.

- submitted by a parent
June 30, 2013
Many parents have complained multiple times to the administration that there should be a big canopy/cover on the playground, to no avail. Kids are not allowed to apply sunscreen at school either. So that means they can only apply sunscreen at home, but sunscreen is only effective for 1 or two hours. Starting from 10 am, kids don't get any sun protection whatsoever. Is it really hard to put a big cover on the playground? Many schools have it. When will the administration care to protect kids from sun damage and potentially skin cancer?

- submitted by a parent
June 04, 2013
This week, our son will be graduating from Stratford Middle School (Pomeroy Campus). We have had a great experience with the school and the school has really helped him build a solid foundation for high school. The academic curriculum is rich and exactly the rigor we had hoped for- the teachers and principal are very supportive and accessible and very committed to learning. My son's class was the first sixth grade class to start at this campus and we have been thrilled to see the fantastic growth of the school. Since we are both working parents we particularly appreciated the sports and several clubs offered after school. Our son was able to participate in soccer, basketball and football along with robotics and also got the opportunity to take on a leadership role in student council. Most importantly, he developed great friendships and really enjoyed being at school. The trips to Yosemite and Washington DC were truly memorable! Stratford has enabled him to build a solid foundation for high school by providing enriching experiences. We would highly recommend this school if you are looking for a structured program with academic rigor coupled with several extra curricular programs.

- submitted by a parent
May 02, 2013
What delighted me most about Stratford's Pomeroy middle school was the supportive environment that allowed my child to settle in and start enjoying school, start getting involved and be an active contributing student. One of the main reasons we moved our daughter from another private school to Stratford was we felt that she wasn't getting adequately prepared for high school. High schools look for well-rounded kids who have diverse interests and are passionate about their interests. At Stratford, she is able to develop her interests in creative writing, drama, and newspaper editing. There are opportunities to develop math skills, debate skills, be part of orchestra, excel in sports or be invited to NJHS depending on one's interests. As a parent, I am able to give my input and volunteer in school activities. It's very fulfilling to partner with a team of professionals who are working to make your child successful. I wasn't able to do that in the previous school and I missed that involvement in the school activities. I am very happy with the responsiveness and support I get from the teachers and the administration. It's like a whole village working to make the children successful.

- submitted by a parent
April 08, 2013
The tuition in Stratford is $15K a year without extended care, about $18K if you want extended care. Almost three months of summer vacation, one week of spring break, two weeks of winter break, plus other holidays. So basically we have about 8 months of teaching time. VERY EXPENSIVE! And they don't even have professional artists teaching art classes. My kids' room teachers teach arts. Even public schools hire professional artists who graduate from arts universities to teach arts. So it really boggles my mind. Also The two mandatory Spanish classes are a waste of time when most of the parents would rather their kids learn Korean, Japanese or French instead. A lot of private schools teach kids of third grade how to do computer programming because kids in other countries are very good at programming at this age already. Stratford needs lots of improvements. Challenger is smart at not offering Spanish classes so that they can teach other more desirable knowledge.

- submitted by a parent
March 28, 2013
My son has been attending Stratford for the last two years and he loves it. The teachers are awesome and are the reason why the children want to go to school every day. The principal Ms. Hertz is very responsive, committed and knows every student by name. The teachers for Physical education, Computers, Spanish and Piano; love what they do and inspire kids every day by making learning fun. The front office staff is very helpful too. Book reports, book mobile, field trips, spring and winter programs, talent shows, science exhibitions help develop the child's confidence and provide nice learning opportunities . Great education in an awesome environment is what this school offers.

- submitted by a parent
February 06, 2013
I agree that Challenger is much cheaper than Stratford. If you are savvy and sign up for an early registration in Challenger, you will get a 5 iscount. So you will end up paying a couple of thousand dollars less than Stratford a year. Challenger is a great deal compared to Stratford.

- submitted by a parent
January 31, 2013
The tuition has gone up again, significantly! The only thing is I, as a Stratford parent, have not got a salary raise for 7 years straight already. And then I called Challenger and realized that they are much cheaper! Challenger is way better than Stratford academically and in other areas. So it makes the decisions easy. Many parents told me their negative reviews of Stratford schools have been consistently removed. I began to wonder the quality of the management and teachers if all they care about is removing negative reviews instead of taking actions to improve the school. Not worth the money! I hope the school leaders and teachers can open their minds, listen to the parents and students and accept their constructive criticisms. That is not a lot to ask for in other schools. But it is really hard to make it happen in this school.

- submitted by a parent
January 31, 2013
My son began attending Stratford on January 7th after attending another preschool for a few months. The teachers, staff and Principals have welcomed him with open arms and warm smiles. He is only 2 years 9 months and has adjusted well and has even begun to learn new things such as shapes, letters, numbers, Science facts, Spanish and much much more! He loves Ms Jessica and Ms Raamya and even mentions them at home! I highly recommend this school to all families!

- submitted by a parent
January 17, 2013
Stratford Pomeroy is an amazing enviroment for any child to be in! The teachers are caring and have each childs safety as their top priority, the students and fantastic and the principals and the best I've ever encountered!!!! My son has grown so much since starting there and I know that with their teachings he will soar through life and accomplish great things.....

- submitted by a parent
December 26, 2012
My child has attended another campus for three years.We have been at this campus for summer school and first grade. More than one teacher has said inappropriate things to my child.Safety and security should be the #1 priority. It isn't. After speaking to the principal numerous times absolutely nothing has been done.

- submitted by a parent
November 24, 2012
My child came from another private school that was not nearly as good as this school. This is my kid's first year at this school, and for what I see so far, the school is professional and structured. I also observed that the teachers do not have tatoos on them nor wear low cut at school. My child really likes her teachers because they do fun activities during classes. Yet, there are some drawbacks about this school. The student mix is not diversified in comparison with my child's previous school. The school does not have a program in place to challenge students who are more advance in academic than their fellow classmates. My child's reading level is above the story books that are being taught in class, and my child feels bored because they're too simple for her to read. I wish they would assess the students' reading level and keep them challenged.

- submitted by a parent
September 18, 2012
Been at Stratford the past 3 years (Pre-K, K & now 1st grade). We're absolutely thrilled with the curriculum, teachers, office staff, etc. Aside from the core classes, the curriculum includes: computer class, art, music, Spanish, & PE, each with their own specialized teachers. Homework & parental involvement is required, but there's no homework on weekends. Holidays are celebrated, cultures are celebrated, and moral & character building is incorporated... Positive reinforcement techniques are used. Class size is not larger than 22 & the Santa Clara campus goes through 8th grade -- major plus. I would say this is a somewhat academic school and when researching schools some parents thought it would be too challenging, but I disagree. My son is young for his class and is at the top of his class. There is something said about challenging young minds and the goal should not be "can my child get 100% in every subject." Tuition is pricey, but worth it. Stratford requires parental involvement so if you are not interested in being involved and want hand-holding start to finish (boarding school) this may not be the school for you. Uniforms are affordable, good quality and cute.

- submitted by a parent
September 17, 2012
My daughter has been going to this school for the past 3 years. She has learned so much and people always tell me how smart she is. I love the fact that the school really takes safety into consideration. The kids are always with a teacher or extended care teacher, they are never alone (except to go to the bathroom with a partner). The school really tries to put on extra things like the book fair and family picnics. The elementary principal is super friendly and I see her often. The office staff is great, always happy and easy to talk to. The food service is pretty good. My daughters favorite thing is the pizza from pizza my heart. The after school programs are nice too, although I wish they were more than ones a week. Her teacher this year is amazing. I went to the back to school night and I am so glad I did. I really love how upbeat she was, and how positive her attitude toward teaching and the children. She really wants the children to succeed. My daughter loves her. I have read the posts about the uniforms giving blisters and calluses. Maybe they need a bigger size. We have shorts, pants, jumpers, blouses, and polos and have had NO problems. :o) Keep it up Stratford

- submitted by a parent
August 05, 2012
Pomeroy has been a great school to attend to. Some qualities are excellent, while others are quite poor. I no longer attend, but for my past experience, the only thing memorable was the people there. The students there are nice and caring. With a few downsides. It's because we've been together for more than one year. It is growing, but the smaller space was more controlling in academic-wise, but in a student's social life, it's easier for secrets to go viral. Also, I think that the staff has not improved. As mentioned before, supervision is not done very well. When there is a fine line between privacy, and things that should NOT be said, it doesn't seem to be understood. You have certain places you MUST be at. You cannot sit on the field, if you want to sit, you must go inside, where the supervisors are there listening to your conversation. With so many restrictions, it's obvious that there are those wanting to break free of them. The staff only adds more, which doesn't do much to the already too much restrictions. Certain academics may sound top-notch but it's not. If you aren't doing well in math, you may be put in a lower class with no way to get to the better class.

- submitted by a community member
August 01, 2012
We have two daughters, one in elementary and one in middle school. We switched a few schools before joining Stratford Pomeroy campus last year and that was the best decision we ever made. We wish we joined Stratford sooner. Our kids are very happy at the Stratford Pomeroy campus. Stratford Pomeroy campus is beautiful, has a very safe, nurturing environment, has excellent teachers and staff and there is so much energy that helps the children thrive. We are very happy with the extended care staff at both Elementary and Middle school levels. We have been constantly amazed by the energy, dedication and passion of the Middle school Principal, Mrs. Gupta, all the Middle school teachers and staff. The Elementary school Principal, Mrs. Hertz and the Elementary teachers and staff are equally amazing. Our kids are very happy with the teachers, the challenging curriculum, the numerous after-school sports and extra-curricular activities. Stratford Pomeroy provides many opportunities for parents to get involved in their kids' education. We are very happy about that. All in all, Stratford Pomeroy campus is the best choice for us and we are extremely thankful for that. Go Stratford Pomeroy!

- submitted by a parent
July 17, 2012
we have been Stratford parents for the last 7yrs and we could not have found better school for our son. Now in Pomeroy middle school, it is almost home away from home for my son. It is not just the academic program, which is excellent, but the after school clubs and care are indeed very good. It has so happened that due to confusion about the pick up, my son had to be in school untill 6:30 and the extended care teacher stayed with him untill he was picked up. Mrs. Gupta is very visible in the campus and is available for the parents whenever needed. We are looking forward to the 7th grade, for another funfilled learning experience with the best teachers.

- submitted by a parent
July 16, 2012
My Daughter is in the middle school program and we are very happy with the academics, after school sports and the supervision and safety of this school. My daughter is happy with the teachers and is enjoying learning and working at an advanced level. My husband and I feel really good about the after school programs and the team of after school supervisors. Overall I am thrilled with Ms Gupta's staff and look forward to my daughter's 8th grade year.

- submitted by a parent
January 24, 2012
We visited a few private schools for my 3 year old daughter. When we visited Stratford School early this month, we knew instantly I have found a second home for our baby girl. From the sweet teachers, to the friendly office staff, we have had a great experience so far. We met the preschool principal and she was very friendly, professional and informative, too. We would definitely recommend the Pomeroy site to our family and friends. Thank you Stratford!

- submitted by a parent
January 15, 2012
My son and I are very happy at the santa Clara Pomeroy campus. All the staff members are sweet, courteous and knowledgable. The principals and office staff are very friendly as well. The change this school year in the administrative team is GREAT. Keep up the great work Pomeroy!

- submitted by a parent
August 25, 2011
Oh how I WISH that we could continue to send our daughter here through elementary. It was really the only preschool and pre-K we would send her to. She's going to Stocklmeir now but I really miss it here.

- submitted by a parent
May 18, 2011
This may sound a bit confusing. However, while I like the teachers at my son's school in that they are caring, I am not so sure of the curriculum. It seems to be a lot of stuff for a 3 year old. My son seems to be overwhelmed. He seems to have lost interest sadly & I will need to work extra hard to get him to speed. - A disappointed & anxious parent!

- submitted by a parent
February 11, 2011
So far I have been extremely disappointed with the school. We transferred from other campus, and heart felt, that public school would be better at this point as the campus has not assured that students get the best teacher, instead, parents have to put in extra effort to bring the kids upto the stratford level

- submitted by a parent
May 28, 2010
Both of our kids (pre-K and second grade) transferred to this campus last year and so far we are really happy our choice and more importantly, the kids love to go to school here. All the teacher staffs are very friendly, care and professional. Overall, it is a excellent campus and deserve all the praises.

- submitted by a parent
May 27, 2010
Its an awesome school. My kid goes to pre school here. The teachers (Ms Kerry and Ms Neveen) are great teacher. I have also interacted with Zac Cortez (principal) and he is outstanding too.

- submitted by a parent
May 27, 2010
Stratford at Pomeroy Santa Clara is an excellent school. I see huge growth and differences in my kid after sending her to elementary school at Stratford. She speaks and read more fluently, she's more comfortable and confident with public speaking and stage performance. She knows a lot more than average kids of her age in every subjects. But most important ly, she is very happy. The teachers, staff, and principal are all loving, caring, and responsive, and attentive to kid's needs. Overall, I am very impressed with the quality of education at this campus.

- submitted by a parent
May 26, 2010
I cant think of sending my son to any other school. The teaching staff is phenomenal and the personal care and attention provided gives any parent a secure feeling. Everyone is very responsive and friendly. I am very impressed and Satisifed.

- submitted by a parent
May 21, 2010
We are very happy with Stratford. For 21 children there are 2 Kindergarten teachers and the quality of the teachers is fantastic. The teachers and principal are very accessible and there is excellent communication with the parents. I know what my daughter is learning in her class and I see what her friends are learning at their school and there is no comparison. She has learned so much more and the best part is she loves going to school at Stratford!

- submitted by a parent
May 15, 2010
Very impressed by the Spring performance and the family picnic s arrangement. Stratford teachers, Principals Denise Merkley, Zac Cortez and admin work in unison to make this school / campus one of the best schools in this area. Teachers work hard to moticate the kids to excel above and beyond their capacity. Best combination of preschool & elementary. Two thumbs up for his school!!

- submitted by a parent
May 14, 2010
The school has a well balanced curriculum that helps raise a confident child; one who thinks outside the box. Combined with a very approachable principal, enthusiastic & caring teachers and warm & friendly staff, we'd say our child is in good hands!!!

- submitted by a parent
May 13, 2010
I highly recommend this school because of the quality of teachers they have and the excellent leadership of the principal Mr. Zac Cortez.

- submitted by a parent

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Stratford School - Santa Clara Pomeroy
890 Pomeroy Avenue, Santa Clara, CA  95051
(408) 244-4073
Last modified Stratford School - Santa Clara Pomeroy is a Private school that serves grades PK-8
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