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Public charter
Santa Rosa, CA
Students enrolled: 472
After care: No

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315 Mark West Springs Road
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

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February 19, 2015
I only give it 4 stars because I feel there are some things that can be improved upon. For example, a full time P.E teacher. I understand most schools have no P.E teacher so Im not faulting the school, Im faulting the district in general. Sports and physical activity studies have proven to improve self esteem, physical health and overall test scores and grades. A healthy brain starts with a healthy body. My son is in his 3rd year at Riebli and I can honestly say he has had 3 great teachers. All with different styles but all the right fit for what my son needed at the time. My son attended a poor pre-school due to my financial situation and when he started kindergarten he was way behind. Mrs. Traeger was his teacher and although she is firm she also challenged him to do his best. The next year he got a great teacher Ms. Adams. A UC Berkeley grad, she is the perfect mix of brain and brawn. This year my son has now jumped ahead because the teachers he had truly cared. In response to Ms. Dirty Classrooms, If the class is dirty maybe volunteer to clean, volunteer your time. Im sure not every teacher at this school is great, I just havent experienced that yet.

- submitted by a parent

September 04, 2014
Filthy classrooms w/ unhealthy practices, burned out teachers! We were excited for our son to start kindergarten at Riebli. A week in we were so disgusted w/ what we saw we had transfer him to another school. NOT ONCE were the children instructed/allowed to wash their hands before eating or after using the restroom, though a sink is in the room). The chairs/desks were filthy, sticky, and germy...even after an entire summer's opportunity to clean everything. The rug (where children sit many times per day) was gross. The teachers, though sweet in many ways, seem burned out and a little too excited to drop off the kids for snack and lunch (drop and run, regardless of whether a child needs something). When children ask questions--often ignored. Kids asked to retrieve their water bottles from the outside backpack shelf due to thirst, and they were simply ignored. They may have the water bottles on the outside shelf, but are not given access to them. Many parents do not want their kids sharing the germy, disease-spreading community faucet in the class....yuck. Do yourself a favor and look for yourself...volunteer in the class, look around, ask your kids. Our kids deserve better!

- submitted by a parent

August 19, 2014
Vegetables..fruits ..plant cycles..nature.. fresh air..and Zumba....are simply additional learning and rounding educational activities at this school. They are not in lieu of math.. science and reading and writing. For the parent commenting our kids will end up being Zumba teachers is absurd. .Understand learning is in everything around you and if we are now looking down on physical activity and nurturing, growing, and taking care of living things (yes plants) I feel sorry for the child who's parent feels their understanding of our world must be confined to a classroom with a book or computer. Let's quit blaming schools and teachers for everything. . If your child is bored in class they must not be listening.

- submitted by a parent

June 16, 2014
The principal was not "sent down". Ms. Hansell has been an innovative and action-oriented principal. The school is in a stronger place today because of her vision and work with the staff. The garden program is amazing-- an outdoor classroom that brings together science, art and writing in an interactive way. The P.E./health and fitness program is evolving, and the students had both Zumba and a P.E. teacher last year. The sense of community is growing stronger and stronger each year. We have very active parent involvement/support in the classrooms, in school events and the PTA. Riebli is a great ft for our family. Figure out what makes a school a good fit for your child- and look far beyond this website...

- submitted by a parent

April 23, 2014
It is only slander, if untrue. She IS being sent down, as a direct result of parents, filing complaints.

- submitted by a teacher

April 23, 2014
I just found this site looking for a school in Windsor. My daughter was there for one semester, we were so disappointed. I don't care what the test scores say. She was bored, and the class was so far behind the Rincon Valley School, she had attended. That is the true litmus test. Compare apples to apples. We did. Great teachers in Rincon Valley, way behind at Riebli. My husband and myself moved her to a great school in Kenwood. Within days, she was back on track. Please do your research. One year in a poor school, is so hard to get back. I respect those who stick up for their friend/teacher there, but I really do not think they value education. NOT Zumba and vegetables! All other good schools have that AND a MUSIC teacher, a PE teacher, a SCIENCE teacher, and an ART teacher. If you are happy, with the hope your child wants to teach Zumba...good luck to you. They only have a class, because the do not have a PE teacher. Not an accolade, a criticism. Please visit Sequoia and then make a qualified decision about where your child will be best educated.

- submitted by a parent

April 11, 2014
Slandering a reputation without merit is reprehensible. Here is what I (and anyone paying attention) know to be true about our principal: She is dedicated, hard-working and challenged in unimaginable directions, every day. She works late into most evenings, attends every PTA meeting, board meeting, district meeting, school event, and even cheers kids on at basketball game. She often does so at the expense of her own family time. Anyone who doesn t notice these truths is ignorant to the fact that she's a single mother with a life of her own, yet she has tirelessly fought for the betterment of our school during her tenure. We have lost a few solid principals due to ineffective superintendent(s) that won t support their decisions, rendering them ineffective not by choice. Our principal, whom you rate poor, has continually extended her education (at her own financial expense) to be a leader who cares profoundly for the well-being of children, education, and the community at large. If this is an example of a poor principal, then I challenge you to find a better one. Great schools start with parents teaching by example, educating themselves on the facts. -Denise Olliffe

- submitted by a parent

September 26, 2013
Riebli is a amazing school! They have many extra curricular programs for the children. Like P.E., Garden time, and Zumba. They challenge the children to be there best and do there best academically, while making it fun to learn at a pace that's best for them. My son absolutely loves going to school everyday!

- submitted by a parent

August 18, 2013
My son has been going to Riebli for three years now. My daughter just started there this week. We are very happy with the school and feel that it is a true community.

- submitted by a parent

April 24, 2013
Riebli is a growing and getting stronger. The principal works so hard to make positive changes and move the school forward academically and as a community. Teachers definitely care about their students and work hard. The addition of the P.E. and garden programs have been fantastic and have brought a more dynamic way of learning to the school. I hope that now that Riebli has become a Charter school that they will be even more creative with their teaching approach as a whole school community- not just individual teachers. I have two children in the lower grades and am very happy with their teachers and overall education. Many parents are involved and the school welcomes volunteers readily. Of course there is always room for improvement and I think that the principal now is guiding the school in the right direction. The school has made huge positive strides this year!

- submitted by a parent

April 18, 2013
My child has attended this school since Kindergarten. Scholastically the teachers are amazing and are doing a wonderful job. I believe the educators are some of the best in the county. The current head adminstrator is a detrament to the school. My child is typically not problematic and has only been to the principals office twice in six years of attendance at the school. Those two experiences stem from this year and have been horrible. The principal has made contradictory statements with regard to what she has stated to my child versus what has been communcated to me about the interactions with my child. I am very upset at how she interacts with the children and can no longer recommend this as a wonderful place to send your children.

- submitted by a parent

November 04, 2012
had no complaints until Dr. Heller left. then the school fell to pieces, I had to pull my son out in the sixth grade cause one of the teachers lifted my son off the ground by the neck of his shirt in from of numerous witnesses and they wouldn't even switch him to another class or punish the teacher in any way. Instead they suspended my son for upsetting the teacher, that was his last day there. he had been there since K and I had to pull him in 6th he was unable to graduate with his friends, it was a horrible experience.

- submitted by a parent

October 15, 2012
Riebli now ranks a 7, API of 838, and the worst API subgroup scores in the district though it s the wealthiest school. Just shows the tailspin that occurred after Dr. Heller left. The school still feels like a rudderless ship and would probably benefit from a more experienced Principal/leader. We also liked Kindergarten. The upper grade teachers are good for the most part but a lot of the good teachers retired or left. But the education in the lower grades (1-3) was extremely disappointing. My children all struggled because English and Math concepts are poorly taught. Some teachers we ve had don t teach P.E., Science, or Social Studies. The last poster feels that the teachers adore her child. Not every parent feels that way. I volunteered a lot of hours in the classroom and every year observed only a handful of children that were adored by the teachers. I agree that the school climate is very snobby and cliquey. We also experienced issues with gossiping/excluding among the students and parents. I realized if they gossiped about other people behind their backs they were gossiping about my children and me behind my back. There are much better schools all around than Riebli.

- submitted by a parent

September 17, 2012
My daughter has been attending this school since 1st grade. She was below average when she started and has excelled greatly. She is always in love with her teachers. They adore her as well. Parent participation is very important to this school. So its pretty much has the similarities of a private school. The only reason i dont give it 5 stars, the stuck up patents/PTA. I have always been willing to help out. Ive had parents talk about me and gossip like a clique. I can tell you I know about a handful of parents in the school that have been welcoming. Its almost like I should just put my kid in an actual private school. But if your above all this, your child will be fine. As far as the bullying, I deal with that in my own way so it has never been any issue for my daughter. My younger daughter will be starting Kindergarden there next year. Otherwise, Great school!

- submitted by a parent

February 11, 2012
This School Is Great, Hands Down. I Graduated Last Yr. and I Have Some Of The Best Memories From There, It was Truly Sad To Leave:) To Be Honest, Dr. Heller Was The Best Principle.. Too Bad He Left and We Got Mr. Raines When I entered 3rd Grade. Now For A Few Of The Best Teachers There; Mrs. Aarhus, yes she left but she was my alltime fave., Mr. Crawford, he retired..me and my brother both had him, Mr. Angel, 3rd Grade, And Mrs. Hyde, So Sweet :), Also Mr. Detrick isnt bad. 1st And 6th Grade Were Such Fun Years For Me..They Also Have Great Field Tripsss(: In 4th Grade You Go to Coloma For 2nites, 3 days. Soo Much More<3 Overall, B e s t S c h o o l E v e r . :D

- submitted by a community member

January 01, 2012
Totally agree with last post. New Principal makes every excuse as to why she can't step up and lead. Kindergarten is great (including the K-teacher who is teaching 1st grade this year). 3rd thru 6th is fine as well. But if your kid goes thru 1st and 2nd here be prepared to pay for tutoring to catch them up. It was a rude awakening. Over last few years lots of kids left because the academics are so far behind other schools or because of bullying. Look at the test scores & stats. Very disappointing.

- submitted by a parent

December 16, 2011
My children have had a different principal in the four years that they ve attended this school. The leadership is an absolute joke. I was unimpressed with the Superintendent and disgusted by the Principal, both of whom are new. If your child has special needs, disabled, and an out of district student or if your child struggles, good luck getting support from this leadership. They will find a way to remove your child from the school. Instead of addressing the problem let s just get rid of it great model when dealing with children. The parents and teachers are the heart and soul of this school. I hope they can open their eyes to their leadership and demand changes. Reibli has recently made some great additions to their campus. The onsite Extended Child Care is really amazing. I can t say enough great things about their program and staff - 5 stars!

- submitted by a parent
no rating
October 13, 2010
It's a cool school. Kids love to learn ,parents get involved.

- submitted by a parent
no rating
May 20, 2010
We love this school, the teachers are great as are the principals, and the support staff. we also love the Extended Care program.

- submitted by a parent

January 25, 2010
My kid is a fourth grader there and has been there since Kindergarten, my other kid went through Mark West. If anything, both schools have consistently improved and when they've made mistakes, they have been quick to fix them.

- submitted by a parent

September 03, 2009
I have one child who graduated from Riebli & another in 5th grade. Regardless of the principal situation, the teachers are the heart of the school & I could not have asked for more caring, knowledgeable, & involved educators. My older son is now at a private school and the comparison between the Riebli teachers vs. the private school teachers is profound. The private school is very respected but the teachers cannot hold a candle to the professionalism, education, or the caring that the Riebli teachers put forth. These teachers work together, fight for what they know is best for the children, & will go over and beyond for each of their students. Both of my boys were lucky enough to start from kindergarten & go through at Riebli. I will greatly miss the school when my last boy graduates.

- submitted by a parent

September 30, 2008
I have been at Riebli most of my school life and it is not what it was. Bob Raines did not like the girls as much as the boys. The teachers are good except for a few they are olde like 50. They seem cranky a lot. I hope Mr Heller comes back and fixes the school, I left the school and really like my new one because there is no one who is allowed to bully or threaten anyone. I feel like I had the best teachers and the worse. So like all schools there is some good and some bad. As for all the help from parents I think they are great. I think the librarian is great. I miss my friends but not the teachers who could not help the students who bullies for year after year. There should be more rules about that/

- submitted by a student

September 29, 2008
I have two children attending Riebli and when considering moving only looked at property within the district. Although the school has gone though a couple of principals in the last couple of years, I feel the quality and welcoming environment has not suffered. The teaching and support staff is top notch and the extended care program is unbeatable. Riebli encourages lots of parent participation and fortunately both my children have classmates whose parents are very active. The teacher/parent commitment to the education of the students of Riebli makes it truly a great school above and beyond even what the test scores show.

- submitted by a parent

September 27, 2008
Well when Dr. Heller left so did the school rating. He was replaced by Bob Raines who rarely followed through. The bullying was out of control and parents were having to hire an attorney to get an IEP signed. It fell fast and they have another principal this year who seems to be very focused on having things done her way. However, it is too soon to see where she'll take the school. I think Dr. Heller made the school because he had a very personal touch. The teachers are good for the most part but they can only go so far unless there is good leadership. This school is in crisis and I hope it gets back on track soon.

- submitted by a parent

June 18, 2006
Dr. Heller, Principal, has a great rapport with all the students/parents and has an open door policy. When my son was new to Riebli in the 3rd grade, Dr Heller spent time with him during recess to introduce him to the other students and helped my son make new friends. Academically this is a very good school, but what I feel is most important, is my son felt he could trust and confide with his teachers and principal and he learned the value of true friendship.

- submitted by a parent

May 26, 2006
I had heard that Riebli was a good school. The reality far exceeded my expectations. There is a strong academic program as well as many other extracurricular activities. Students enjoy coming to school. They look forward to different activities that the faculty and PTA plan. The faculty and PTA have a strong working relationship that works.

- submitted by a parent

March 14, 2006
My son is in Kindergarten and has had a wonderful experience. The class is unique in that there are two teachers who are with the children all day every day and they co-teach. The children all work 1 on 1 with the teachers to determine if their foundation is solid before moving on. There is quite a bit of parent involvement and a wide array of activities, such as music and are.

- submitted by a parent

July 15, 2004
My child received a great education while attending Reibli. She made major improvements in all areas. Her teacher Peggy Swearingen was great. The only problem I ran into with this school was with the office staff and their rude attitudes. And I didn't feel the school took into consideration that some children come from single parent homes. This school requires a lot of involvement from the parents, as it should be, but is not always possible for single parents.

- submitted by a parent
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Riebli Rocks the 3-R's! We place relationships, relevance and rigor as our three prioritites. We follow the BEST (Building Effective Schools Together) school-wide discipline program. The focus is on Safety, respect and responsibility.

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John B. Riebli Elementary School
315 Mark West Springs Road, Santa Rosa, CA  95404
(707) 524-2980
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