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13601 Saratoga Avenue
Saratoga, CA 95070

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(408) 867-3785
(408) 741-1852
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January 30, 2015
We feel very grateful to be part of the St. Andrew s school community. The dedicated teachers and staff quickly get to know all the kids, so there s a nice sense of belonging. Classroom size is perfect for group interaction and individual attention. It s cool to be smart and kind to others. There's a mix of families from various cultures. The new Head of School and the Head of Middle School are experienced, approachable, eloquent, thoughtful, and forward-thinking. The homework load is reasonable, leaving time for other activities. Values like service, gratitude and respect are emphasized, and there seems to be a genuine openness toward different religions and points of view. There's a no-cut policy for after-school sports, so kids can give different sports a try. The athletics staff are experienced and working to ensure that competition is balanced with collaboration and enjoyment. Music, art and technology provide opportunities for creativity and sparking interests. Service field trips and annual trips are memorable highlights. The lunches are healthy and tasty. Our child is thriving, enjoying each day, and getting an excellent foundation for high school and beyond.

- submitted by a parent
December 11, 2014
I currently attend Saint Andrew's Episcopal School, and I have been there since kindergarten. It academically challenges you and prepares you for high school. The teachers are very experienced and if you are having a difficult time in a class, you can always receive assistance. They genuinely want you to succeed and encourage you to do your best. We have a very small class size compared to other private schools in the Bay Area, 18:1. My classmates are friendly, respectful, and easy to be friends with. The tuition at Saint Andrew's seems extremely expensive and overpriced. This money does go to having the latest technologies in the classroom, providing MacBook Airs, having delicious hot lunches, and having a beautiful campus, which are perks. There is not a large homework load, but Saint Andrew's has very rigorous and academically challenging classes. Their athletics and music programs are wonderful. The community is very close-knit. Keeping this in mind, each school has its strengths and weaknesses. Not every school will be the right fit for you or your child.

- submitted by a community member
August 25, 2013
Saint Andrew's is more than just a school, it is a community of friends. I have 3 children who LOVE going there everyday and love their teachers. The teaching standards are excellent and the teachers are all very highly qualified. You can see their bios online. Over the past 2 years I have seen each of my children grow and develop emotionally, socially and intellectually there. This school really is the best school in this area!

- submitted by a parent
July 18, 2013
Our family is thrilled with Saint Andrew's! Our son just completed the Pre-K program and will be entering Kindergarten in a few weeks. We loved the class size and student to teacher ratio (20 students / 3 teachers.) The teachers communicated regularly and provided supplemental tools for us to use at home to complement what he was learning in class. The parent community was very welcoming.

- submitted by a parent
January 06, 2013
Excellent move for our son! We moved from another private K-8 school in the area to St. Andrew's in 6th grade. The larger class size (approx 60) in the middle school at SA is an important milestone for young teens. A good step up as high school quickly approaches. My son is now in 7th grade and I can honestly say I do not have one complaint! He is thriving academically and socially. I believe the prepration for high school is outstanding. Also, the character building at St. Andrew's makes for a warm and caring environment. He has formed lifetime bonds with some of the teachers and that is priceless. We could not be more pleased with our decision to move to St. Andrew's!

- submitted by a parent
January 14, 2012
As a public school teacher, I realize my two St. Andrew's children are benefiting from the "whole child" environment that they would otherwise not experience. My middle school student doesn't just get a single enrichment (elective) class per grading period but receives instruction in multiple enrichment classes. The attention they receive in the guaranteed small classes allows the teachers to identify areas of need, improvement and strength - and those teachers communicate this information well. Planned teacher conferences don't just occur in the lower school (Pre-K through 5th) - but all the way through 8th grade, ensuring continued communication throughout the school year. Small classes allow the teachers to plan and execute more hands-on and in-depth lessons - in a class of 35, most of these lessons would not be possible. The administration, with their open door policy, are accessible - they are professional in collaborating on solutions to issues that will inevitably occur during the course of a child's education, whether social or academic, the solutions are always focused on ensuring the child's success.

- submitted by a parent
January 12, 2012
Our son was in Saint Andrew s for 2 years. Frankly speaking, the curriculum was disappointing. I cannot see the difference between SA and public schools. Top public schools are definitely better than SA, especially in Math. Some teachers are under-qualified. There was a multiple choice question in a homework asking what the opposite word of fresh water was. My son chose salty water which was the correct answer. The teacher said used water was correct. I really couldn t believe my eyes! As for the character development part, they didn t mention it anymore to students after kindergarten. I would say the proportion of problematic kids in the school is higher than what I expected, provided it is a school who claims they emphasize character development and discipline. Teachers and the admin are not capable of handling problematic kids. We then decided to switch to a better school and let the school knew about our decision, though the administration did ask us to stay.

- submitted by a parent
January 12, 2012
A few weeks before the school year ended, my son (7 yrs old) was kicked by a kid (X) in the same grade on the tummy during recess. We ended up sending him to ER as advised by the doctor s office. My son then consistently told us and the police that X kicked him on the tummy during recess. The teachers chatting far away didn t see that happened. The admin questioned the so called witnesses and claimed that X kicked a ball 12 ft away and hit my son. However, we learnt from one witness that he in fact saw X kicking a ball and hit my son on his side, not on the tummy. In short, nobody noticed when X kicked my son. But that witness did see my son rolling on the ground because of great pain. The admin finally asked my son and X to sit down with one person Y from the admin to discuss the issue. I was not allowed to be with them. After the meeting, my son broke down and burst into tears. He told me Y forced him to admit that it was the ball that hit him, despite the fact that my son kept telling Y it is X who kicked him on his tummy. The admin just wanted to tell my son to shut up so that things will be much easier for them, esp. we would not be their customer anymore.

- submitted by a parent
April 26, 2011
I love Saint Andrews. I've been here since 6th grade and I feel that I am embedded in the st. a's family. I'm in the concert choir, in which it's always a routine for one of us to scream "TWO MORE DAYS UNTIL DISNEYLAND!" to compete in the Anaheim Heritage Festival. I can't wait! The P.E. program is definitely one of the best highlights of this school as well. We have a "race across the country" in which grades 6-8 compete to win a trip to the beach at the end of the year. We run 2-4 miles every week, do ab workouts, and also play many games. I also loved our trip to D.C. We became so much closer as classmates, especially on the bus! National Junior Honor Society is a great way for us to stay on track, getting 3 hours of community service in every month, even though some of us end up with 8-23 hours even! When I'm at school I feel like I'm at my second home, and I feel safe knowing that I'm getting a quality education while having as much fun as I can imagine. From dissecting a frog or a heart or even an eye, to making a big boom from the music room from our body percussions and drums, Saint Andrew's is a place where you won't turn a corner and not see a huge smile walking by.

- submitted by a community member
May 20, 2010
This school has perfect balance of academic and social education. Personal is very helpful

- submitted by a parent
March 19, 2010
Our family couldn't be happier. We love Saint Andrews.

- submitted by a parent
no rating October 30, 2009
We were a 'St. Andrew's Family' for 11 years. The most obvious difference in contrast with Hillbrook is that St. Andrew's is a non-secular school. The religion is taught with a light hand, and with plenty of respect shown for other religions. The school population includes non-christians (as we are). In my experience the non-christians choose St. Andrew's because of the excellent academic level, the strong parent involvement and the lively multi-faceted & enriched curriculum, which includes many field trips & 'hands-on' experiental type learning. St. Andrew's is not as lavish a setting as Hillbrook, it is very attractive tho. The students walk along forested Saratoga Creek each day as they go to & from the playing fields. The school faces the Saratoga Heritage Orchard, with a view of the Santa Cruz Mts. Another big plus for St. Andrew's is the commitment to the mentoring of the first year teachers by the more experienced teachers. This helps to ensure continuity and that the teachers are working together as a community. The teacher retention is high. Results: My children then went to Saratoga High School, which is a quite competitive, highly academically oriented school. They both did very well with the solid foundation they received at St. Andrew's. Subsequently, they have gone to: A. one of the top 5 US universities and B. one of the top 25 US universities (with a huge 50% scholarship awarded).

- submitted by a parent
February 12, 2009
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
February 11, 2009
This is a fantastic program with very strong academics, technology, sports and arts/music programs. The teachers and administrators are top notch - very caring and supportive. We are very happy with the education and preparation provided to the students.

- submitted by a parent
February 04, 2009
From the day I stepped foot on the campus at an open house, I have felt nothing but comfort in knowing my child would be taken care of emotionally, mentally and physically. The staff and teachers are an incredibly caring group of individuals with the student's best interests at heart. The academics are challenging and the character building philosophy is essential in developing an outstanding student. No wonder the local high schools welcome Saint Andrew's students with open arms. I now have two children benefiting from the excellent education Saint Andrew's provides, as well as the wonderful community of friends we are making along the way.

- submitted by a parent
January 21, 2009
My son joined Saint Andrews in 6th Grade after shadowing at a number of very nice schools. He chose Saint Andrews over the other schools because he felt he clicked with the kids, and because he enjoyed the academics, and felt they were challenging. The school has completely met his expectations and mine. The kids are wonderful, welcoming, kind, and funny. The school, the parents, and the kids made his transition as a new kid very easy. The academics are rigorous and challenging, but not 'pressure cooker'. Teachers and staff are very professional, passionate, and maintain a great balance in the classroom. They are truly an amazing bunch of people! Our biggest surprise with Saint Andrews is the music program, which has surpassed all of our hopes. We have also greatly appreciated the Episcopalian tradition of fostering morals, ethics, and character, while respecting diverse religious beliefs and affiliations.

- submitted by a parent
January 16, 2009
Academics and character development are hallmarks of this school. I am a parent of a current 1st grader. This is my daughter's second year at St.Andrews. My daughter had a phenomenal teacher in kindergarten (Ms Lewis) and now first grade(Ms.Carey). As a working mother, I am not able to participate in the classroom as much as I would like - fortunately, many other parents do contribute volunteer time on a regular basis. The parent community is very strong and we immediately built a network of families. The other moms look out for my child, several proactively volunteer to take her to after school play dates and parties. Even though we have a nanny for our younger child, my 1st grader begs me to attend after school care. In addition to activities, there is also a study hall. My daughter frequently arrives home with her homework already completed! Great school!

- submitted by a parent
December 19, 2008
Both of my children attended St. Andrew's from preschool through eighth grade, and my grandson is now a seventh grader. I have personally watched this exceptional school produce exceptional children for over 27 years now. St. Andrew's has stellar academic and extracurricular programs that provided my children with a solid base for success in the high school of their choice, college and beyond. Just as importantly, it provided them with a nurturing and supportive environment in their formative years, allowing them to develop the confidence, responsibility and character than will serve them well the rest of their lives. From a parent s perspective, I loved the community of parents and teachers, all of whom knew one another and were committed to my children s success. My grandson is now enjoying the benefits of this same community of committed educators, caring staff, involved parents and wonderful kids. I would (and frequently do!) wholeheartedly recommend St. Andrew's to anyone looking for a school that offers top-flight academics in a well-rounded environment.

- submitted by a parent
August 20, 2008
I just graduated from St. Andrew's after going to school there since kindergarten. I loved all my teachers and everyone is very nice. 100% of my graduating class was accepted into the high school of their choice, many of the students getting accepted into more than one school of their choice. I now attend Presentation High School and I feel very prepared in all aspects. In 8th grade, the teachers walk you though every step of the process for applying to high schools. The P.E. program is fabulous, every student runs 4 miles every week in 6th grade and up. The sports and school choir are non-cut and a great experience. My 8th grade year the choir went to Disneyland for the Heritage Festival. We won first place out of the middle school choirs. Academics are also very important. The teachers understand the need of each individual student.

- submitted by a student
no rating May 02, 2008
Rigorous academics balanced with educating the 'whole child' -- wonderful arts programs (music and visual arts), physical education program, foreign languages (Spanish and French beginning in 2nd grade), and religion. High emphasis on community service, citizenship, and character-building. All Bay Area private High Schools *love* St Andrew's students because they are so well-prepared and really nice kids too.

- submitted by a parent
March 25, 2007
We have been at this school for the last 8 years. The curriculum of the younger grades has been an excellent foundation for the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. Students are on differentiated tracks so that they will take Algebra 1 or higher by 8th grade. The language arts program is very strong as well, and students are well rounded with specialty classes and after school sports. The kids are nice so it is easy to have many friends. Many 8th graders have multiple acceptances to private highschools.

- submitted by a parent
January 23, 2007
The Administration is weak in setting boundaries, encouraging heavy Parental participation in the classroom on a daily basis.

- submitted by a parent
December 07, 2006
St. Andrews School was a disappointment for us. Our son joined in 6th grade, for middle school. While many of the teachers are truly wonderful, those that aren't don't seem to be held accountable. For 8th grade we switched school and are pleased with our new choice.

- submitted by a parent
April 28, 2006
Great school with warm and nice teachers and excellent academics. They really look at each child with tender care. Strong emphasis on reading and writing.

- submitted by a parent
April 10, 2006
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a former student
February 21, 2006
Excellent academic program.

- submitted by a former student
February 11, 2006
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
January 23, 2006
The staff at this school really cares for the students. Small class sizes (less than 20) help the teachers to really know the strengths and weaknesses of each student. This is an Episcopal school and it is nice to have some teachings in the Christian tradition, and to be able to say Merry Christmas without feeling politically incorrect! The after school sports programs are fair. The after school care ( costs extra) is very good.

- submitted by a parent
June 24, 2005
Quality academic program--challenging yet offered at a pace which kids can learn material well with ability to retain info. Fantastic sports program--starts physical fitness in the 1st grade kids run 4m starting 6th grade; offers music and great art program; high level of parent involvement. Great sense of community--parents very friendly, kids very nice. Very fun school! Kids and families receive a lot of support from staff--most staff members are genuinely interested in your child as an individual.

- submitted by a parent

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Our parents say it best - "Our family chose Saint Andrew's for its small class size, strong academic program, and meaningful exposure to technology, physical education and the arts. We now love our Saint Andrew's experience and feel so fortunate to have talented, caring teachers who really know each of our three children and to be part of a wonderful school community."

February 15, 2014


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Saint Andrew's Episcopal School
13601 Saratoga Avenue, Saratoga, CA  95070
(408) 867-3785
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