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(August 2014)
"There motto may well be ambivalence and apathy - we get our paychecks - you may or may not have your child returned to you after the school day."

(January 2014)
"My Son does extremely well in this school and that is much attributable to the quality of the teachers and their dedication to each and every student. I am exceedingly pleased with all of them."

(June 2013)
"Reviews sound wonderful. My grandson maybe be attending in the fall and I am interested in his school and education."

(April 2010)
"I have a daughter in 5th grade and a daughter in 6th grade at SH. They have loved it here and I have liked the school as well! The teachers are great, always listening to you as a parent. My 5th grader is in choir, 6th grader is in band and pre-ap (advanced placement) courses. There isn't much homework, classes are structured very well. SH is an excellant school and I can't wait for my son to go there as well! "

(February 2010)
"I am very impressed with Spring Hill Middle. I am a former home school parent and I have checked out the school systems in 6 states across the south and north east. Aside from the public school system in upstate New York, Northwest Arkansas is one of the best I have examined. They are academically sound and it shows in their test scores. I especially appreciate the teachers involvement and positive attitude with the students and parents. I am very impressed with the fact that they have email notification of daily grade changes for each student. There are definately no 'surprises' here when it comes to grades. They not only welcome parent involvement, they truly appreciate it. This is my son's first time in public school and he loves it. Thank you for making this transition so easy! Donna --homeschool mom and former high school Spanish teacher."

No rating given (September 2009)
"Excellent staff and facilities. "

No rating given (September 2009)
"I love Spring Hill Middle School because of their extraordinary teachers. They are willing to go above and beyond just every day teaching and really get involved in the students performance to insure their success. They make their enviroment a fun and motivating place to learn."

No rating given (September 2009)
"We have a great school with teachers who really care."

(September 2009)
"Spring Hill Middle school rocks!!!! its a great school and it is full of wonderfull teachers"

No rating given (September 2009)
"Joy and fulfillment are two words that best describe each of my days as a part of Springhill Middle School. The students are happy and 'family' best discribes the staff relationship. I am blessed to be a part of a wonderful holistic environment of mental and physical growth. It is a place where good character flourishes. "

No rating given (September 2009)
"Spring Hill's teachers are some of the best I have ever seen. The curriculum and technology used is on the cutting edge. Every child is important and is challenged to do his best. The learning environment is pleasant and the students are happy because the staff strives to make a difference in each of their lives. Kids, teachers, and staff enjoy Spring Hill because there is a peace that exists there because each individual knows he is part of something that is significant."

(September 2009)
"Our teachers work so well together. We recently started PLC's in our school. These have been very beneficial to our teachers and our students! "

No rating given (September 2009)
"Our teachers are AWESOME and so committed to the students."

No rating given (September 2009)
"Wow! What a school. I have been teaching here for the past 5 years and there is NO END in site. The staff is the friendliest, the kids are the hardest working, and the facility couldn't be better. Our scores are amoung the highest in the State."

No rating given (September 2009)
"We are a family at Spring Hill. Everyone cares about each other. We take care of each other."

No rating given (September 2009)
"They have the best faculty around!"

(December 2008)
"I am a former student of Spring Hill and have to say that it was a great school to attend. The transition from elementary school to middle school is a strange one, but I think this school did a great job of getting the students excited about being there and gave us a lot of school spirit! The teachers were very involved with students and made the environment very comfortable; one of my favorite teachers ever taught me at Spring Hill. There are also a lot of activiites for students to participate in such as plays, choir, etc. I loved Spring Hill!"

(February 2006)
"Academic Levels are high. They have started advanced placement classes in 2005-2006 school year and they seem to be of a high standard. Teachers seem very commited to the children's success. Very high level of parent involvement with some parents spending most of every day at the school. Band program is good, orchestra program has been a dissapointment. No extracurricular activities."

(May 2004)
"My children attend Spring Hill. This is the first year for them at the school. Spring Hill has made my children feel at home. They are very happy at their new school. The teachers care deeply about my children. The standards at Spring Hill far exceed the previous school my children attended."

(May 2004)
"Spring Hill Middle School provides so many wonderful opportunities for my child that I have never seen offered before in a middle school setting. The teachers are amazing and my student has a new level of confidence and pride in their school work. When you walk into Spring Hill Middle School you can just feel the energy and creativity it exudes. The have a terrific fine arts program and extra-curricular activities for my child."
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