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(August 2014)
"Dunbar got a new principal before the 2013-14 school year and the school has improved markedly already with lots of good new teachers and a new attitude. Don't let older reviews scare you away - it's worth checking out again."

(February 2014)
"Under the administration of Principal Sarah Jacobsen-Capps, Dunbar Elementary Magnet School has quickly come to embody the best of public education. The energy and focus of Ms. Jacobsen and her staff is infectious to the point that I often leave the school questioning the wisdom of my career choice, so inspired am I by the commitment, focus, and genuine caring of the Dunbar faculty. The school only falls short of five stars because of pervasive shortfalls in public education funding, which affects Dunbar as it does any other school. But the student-to-teacher ratio is ideal, the curriculum is ambitious, and I am proud of the school's attention to diversity, character, discipline, honor, and effort. I recommend Dunbar Magnet Elementary School without hesitation, and laud the efforts of the Dunbar community - well done by all."

(January 2014)
"This is my 3rd year here at Dunbar and I have seen wonderful things happen here! All of the teachers and staff are completely devoted to the school and to the success of the students placed in our care. Dunbar is truely becomming the "hidden jem" in Hillsborough County. If you are reading the reviews here, my suggestion is not to read back beyond the 12-13 school year."

(January 2014)
"My family has been with Dunbar for 4 years now. The last two years have been amazing! The principal Mrs. Jacobsen is very kind and caring to both students and parents. She truly cares for all of her students and their success. The assistant Principal Mr. Felder is also an asset to the school, he is very hard working and will do anything to help a student succeed! All of the teachers are very kind and supportive. This school needed new leadership and boy did they get it! In the last two years I have never seen teachers go out of their way to ensure a child will get the grades needed to move to the next level. They are consistently looking towards each childs future and not just the current year. Two of my children have had the same third grade teacher and she is amazing! Little did I know that last year was her first year teaching. I found out this year, and would have never guessed. I would have thought she had been teaching for at least 5 years (that's how good she is!). If you are considering bringing your child to Dunbar, I suggest you set up a tour. The small class sizes and family atmosphere is something every child should experience. Everyone will know your childs name!"

(January 2014)
"As the media specialist at Dunbar I am happy to report that we are a school of readers. Our book circulation numbers are very high, as is our use of myON, an online library with over 3000 titles. We have special reading incentive programs for each grade level, as well as fun events throughout the year to inspire and encourage our students. Our school has an extraordinary teaching staff that includes dedicated classroom and resource teachers. Dunbar is privileged to have one of the finest administrations in Hillsborough County lead by Sarah Jacobsen Capps. We are constantly improving both the social climate of the school, as well as increasing our academic standards. "
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