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GreatSchools expands its offerings for parents of children with learning and attention problems by acquiring, the leading Internet resource in this space

San Francisco, CA (December 12, 2007) – GreatSchools, the leading provider of information about K-12 schools and educational issues, is expanding its resources for parents of children with learning and attention problems, having been entrusted by the Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation with the Web site.

After 20 years of providing information and inspiration to families of children with learning difficulties, the Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation has chosen GreatSchools as the new home for its award-winning content. With this transition, the foundation is shifting its focus from operating Schwab Learning to concentrating on grants.

Using an invitation-only selection process, the foundation chose as the recipient of content because of GreatSchools’ broad reach and commitment to strengthening its ability to serve families seeking information about learning disabilities. (The foundation will merge the content from its other Web site,, with the Professor Garfield Foundation.)

“In making this transition it was important to find partners who share our commitment to providing the best possible information and resources to the millions of families impacted by learning difficulties," said Jodell Seagrave, managing director of Schwab Learning. "We reached out to a select group of partners and ultimately chose two organizations that have the potential to reach even more parents and their kids who struggle with learning.”

Charles Schwab, chairman of the board for the Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation, also emphasized the importance of continuity. “The merger of our Web sites with these two organizations will ensure that our resources continue to evolve, thrive and support parents of children struggling with learning difficulties.”

Schwab Learning Provides Vital Content for Users was honored to be selected and is excited about the wealth of new content from that will become available to its parent audience. "Charles and Helen Schwab and the team have built a resource that provides parents with carefully researched and parent friendly information about learning disabilities, " said Bill Jackson, the founder and CEO of GreatSchools.

"It is a privilege to be selected as the new home for’s content and online parent community as we work to increase the value of GreatSchools to all parents, including those whose children struggle with learning disabilities,” said Jackson. “We are committed not only to maintaining this extraordinary resource, but also to exposing millions more parents to content about learning disabilities."

The issue of learning difficulties is a pressing one for GreatSchools' parent users, and the editorial staff is enthusiastic about integrating the vast array of information from “Parents write us every day to ask for help in understanding learning problems,” explains’s managing editor, Linda Strean. “Thanks to’s years of experience and wealth of resources, more parents will get the support and information they need.”

In addition, GreatSchools’ community product manager, Katherine Kornas, is reaching out to’s active parent users as the two communities merge. “’s online community has been successful in connecting parents whose children have unique learning needs. We look forward to welcoming these parents into the soon-to-be-launched GreatSchools Parent Community, where they can share their advice and experiences with a larger network of parents.”

About GreatSchools
GreatSchools Inc. is an independent, nonprofit organization working to improve K-12 education by inspiring parents to get involved. Its online media property,, is the nation's premier provider of K-12 school information, reaching 33 million users last year, an estimated reach into 33% of the nation's K-12 households. GreatSchools provides school information on its free Web site,, and through its free email newsletters thanks to the support of foundations and corporations that understand the importance of parent involvement in a child's education. More information on GreatSchools can be found at

About the Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation and Schwab Learning
The Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation, established by the Schwabs in 1987, is their private foundation, and separate from The Charles Schwab Corporation and from the Charles Schwab Corporate Foundation. More information on the Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation can be found at

Schwab Learning is a nonprofit program of the foundation dedicated to helping kids with learning and attention problems to be successful in school and life. Headquartered in San Mateo, CA, Schwab Learning develops and delivers resources that provide parents of kids with learning difficulties, and kids themselves, with practical information, empathic support and trustworthy guidance. Schwab Learning services are delivered through two Web sites — one designed specifically for parents at and another created expressly for kids ages 8-12 at More information on Schwab Learning can be found at

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