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Your son may be more interested in the candid point of view presented by current students. CollegeClickTV or even YouTube has videos by camera-toting students on campus. CampusCompare couples authoritative content with student reviews and videos as well.

4. Talk to counselors and other parents. The college admissions process can be an overwhelming experience. It's important to know that you're not the only one stressing out over your student's decision, so reach out to other parents who are in the same boat. Talking to parents in your own school community is a start, but even better, log on to a parent forum online. You are guaranteed to find many other parents out there who are struggling with the same questions and concerns.

Web sites like CollegeConfidential and GreatSchools Parent Community both have question-and-answer forums dedicated to parents. Log on to ask questions or post comments and answers to other's questions. Someone out there is guaranteed to be sharing the same concerns.

Online resources are an excellent way of helping you and your student keep the college search on the right track. Finding the right school is hard work, but when your student gets accepted to a school that is a great fit for him, it will all be worth it in the end.

CampusCompare is an interactive Web site offering fun tools that engage students in the college selection process. The site combines data on nearly 3,000 colleges from the Department of Education, the colleges themselves, and reviews by current students to provide a 360-degree view of college life.

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"Thank you for the information sent out in your email and the related links. The information on college essays was especially helpful. Our son is a junior and with all the test scores, grades etc we are not sure where go, and find the school that fits our son's true passions. Your email came at the right time! THANK YOU!"