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The first five steps on the road to college

What's the key to getting your kids into college? Start early and stick to a plan.

By GreatSchools Staff

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The road to college

Getting their children into college is a major goal for many parents, but it’s also a process that can (and should) begin early in life. Consider the road to college a journey — like any long trip, it requires both attention and planning well in advance. Here are five time-tested first steps you can take toward securing your kids a successful college career.

Comments from readers

"IMy Son is gonig to be 17 March 14, and he is seeking one year in a particular High school in Denver Co , He speaks good English 70% and acomodation in the campus, he is a good socccer player and a very friendly spanish boy "
"I would also include these books: Get totally Real! and the Parent Companion for kids 8-9th grade. They help teens focus on learning about themselves and then begin to plan their futures lives. The parent version open eyes to current 21st century things that need to be taken into account. AWESOME tool to help with the process. "